Client Spotlight: Interrupt

Posted November 2, 2018 under Client Spotlights

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“Work hard play hard all day everyday. We totally lived that out.”

Interrupt is a brand distillery that emphasizes insights, branding, engagement, and analysis to maximize a company’s potential. With their small, but powerfully creative team, stress is inevitable. So they sought out a team building program that was, “more than just a tour.”

“More than anything we wanted to destress, build relationships, relax and have some fun,” said Suzanne Silva from Interrupt.

When Interrupt contacted AdVenture Games, they were looking for a challenge, something entertaining, and a way to get to know each other not just on a professional level, but on a personal one as well. With their competitive team, naturally every player wants to win, so we recommended Industry Innovations, a game that tests creativity, time-management and teamwork skills, and strategic thinking.

The Apprentice meets Shark Tank in this fast-paced game that asks participants to think out-of-the-box, cooperatively, and on their feet, the perfect team building challenge for a brand distillery like Interrupt.

“It was awesome! We have not gotten enough praise. Everything that we expected out of the games was met and exceeded,” Suzanne said. “Work hard play hard all day everyday. We totally lived that out.”

On the plane ride back to their office, and for a time after, their team laughed, joked, and reminisced on their activity. That’s the kind of long-lasting bonding experience AdVenture Games aims for. Team building isn’t meant to be a one-time event; it’s meant to build relationships and foster communication skills in a fun, engaging environment. Especially Industry Innovations.

“We wanted to plan an event that everyone could kick back, relax, be competitive, and enjoy life outside of the office. I think it comes down to seeing the presentations and seeing just how creative our team is. I don’t think you see what amazing people you actually have until someone tells you. We totally lived that out last week with AdVenture Games.”

So, do you think the team at Interrupt Delivers enjoyed their AdVenture? Check out their recap video and see for yourself!

To learn more about Interrupt, check out their website here.