6 Tips to Make Virtual Meetings More Captivating in 2022

Posted February 1, 2022 under Client Spotlights
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6 Tips to Make Virtual Meetings More Captivating in 2022

If you’ve ever hosted or been a part of an online meeting, you know how hard it can be to capture attendees’ attention. Virtual meetings are here to stay, and unfortunately, so is Zoom fatigue. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep employees engaged so that meetings are productive and enjoyable. For instance, you can incorporate fun online meeting games that will help build your remote teams’ relationships.

Here are a few suggestions to make Zoom meetings more fun and engaging!

  1. Keep meetings brief: If possible, try to get your online meeting shorter than 45 minutes.Research has shown that employee engagement drops significantly after the 30-minute mark. Some ways to keep it short are:


  • Be sure to have a clear plan. Be prepared.
  • Try not to cover too many topics in one meeting.
  • Gather questions before the meeting starts.
  • Adhere to the time limit you’ve set.


Of course, there are times when the meeting needs to go over the hour mark. For longer sessions, offer short breaks to refresh, recharge, and refocus the attendees.


  1. Virtual team building activities and games:Break up the monotony of the Zoom meeting with virtual team building activities. Games or contests are an excellent way to strengthen teams by getting them to communicate, think critically, and compromise. Here are several remote team-building activitiesto consider.


  1. Incorporate social time:Working from home can get lonely. Online meetings can also be a time for remote teams to reconnect. Choose a time. It can either be before the meeting or in the middle. It’s always a good idea to encourage employees to unwind. Leave some time to socialize. After all, not everything has to be serious business; there’s plenty of time for that!


  1. Zoom backgrounds:Imagine yourself on a tropical isle or in a favorite scene in a movie. It’s fun to add a unique Zoom background to your meeting. When you send out the invites, have participants select a background theme. Attendees can even create their own.


  1. Virtual icebreakers: Remote teams don’t often get to chat it up with their remote coworkers, so they may forget what their coworkers were like. Warm-up conversations are a great way to learn more facts about coworkers. You can create an activity with questions and allow the teammates to respond.


  1. Show and Tell: Online meetings already give you a little peek into the lives of your co-workers’ homes. Show and Tell takes it a step further. With Show and Tell, teammates share bits of their lives, such as their pets or even their kids. You can ask attendees to show a bit of what makes their home life unique. It’s a great way to get to know your remote teammates a little better.


Now that you know how to make your online meetings a bit more captivating, you’re also going to want to learn how to end the virtual meeting on a high note. Team chants, having a dance party, exchanging virtual high-fives, or ending with a high-energy song are all fun ways to end the meeting! What’s yours?


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