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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your facility?

Our virtual games and activities are presented anywhere in the world with the use of video conferencing. Whether you wish to hold your event at your meeting/workspace, or accommodate your remote team working from home, we can facilitate our programs anywhere.

What group sizes do you accommodate? i.e. Our group is really small/large.

We can accommodate any group size. Groups over 50 may want to be split into multiple sessions simultaneously or at different times.

How many people can be on a team?

This depends on the size of your group and chosen game, but typically our team sizes range from 5-10 people. Please contact us for more specifics on your team needs.

Where are your games hosted?

We currently recommend Zoom and Microsoft Teams to play our games. To discuss which platform is the best option for your group, please contact us.

How much will the game cost per person? Is there a flat rate?

AdVenture Games has per-person pricing as well as flat rate pricing. The rate is based on the size of your group and the program you wish to schedule. Contact us to receive a quote.

How much time prior to our event date do we need to book our game?

Ideally, we will need at least 1 week prior to your requested date to organize, program, and schedule your event. We do offer rush service up to 24 hours prior to your event date. Additional fees may apply.

What materials do we need to prepare for our game?

Participants will need a pen and paper and lots of team spirit!

What technical requirements will be necessary for our game?

Every participant will need to download the appropriate video conferencing app to their computers. Though a web version may be available, we do not recommend using that for our programs with video playback. Our SpyGame requires a lite app download to their personal devices to navigate through the game. At least one person per team must download the app.

How long do games typically last?

Our programs range from 1-2 hours, and most can be customized to fit your schedule.

Are there age requirements to participate in a game?

No, there are no age requirements. However, our programs are best suited for middle school-aged and older.


What platforms are your programs experienced on?

Our programs work best on Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams. We can provide the platform or join an existing meeting to host for most activities.

How many people can your remote programs accommodate?

Most programs can accommodate any group size at once. Some of our Game Closet activities are limited to 20 people per host.

How far in advance do I need to book an event?

We recommend securing your event at least a week in advance to secure your desired time slot, but can accommodate within a 24 hour notice.

When is payment due?

Remote program invoices are due on day of event. Other payment arrangements can be made based on your accounts payable policies.

How do I know which program is best for my team?

To select the best fit is to determine your goals, timeframe, and budget, and allow us to make recommendations for you within those parameters.

Do we need to set up the breakout rooms in advance?

If you join our meeting link that we provide for you (recommended), your host will set up the breakout rooms and will be in control of them throughout your event. If we join your meeting, you will need to turn on the breakout room feature, set polls (depending on program) and turn hosting over to your facilitator.

SpyGame/Situation Room: If we choose the ‘kidnap’ scenario can the person who goes ‘missing’ play the game?

If using the Zoom platform, the person who has gone missing can come in the meeting with their profile photo blank and their camera and mic turned off. We then will rename them to “IT Support” and they can observe the whole game until we reveal them at the end. Using Teams or WebEx, the “missing person” will need to rename their account to “IT Support” in order to join the meeting.

Got a question we did not answer?

Feel free to give us a call today for any of your queries or a live demo at 866-587-2125