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6 Tips to Make Virtual Meetings More Captivating in 2022

Posted February 1, 2022
If you’ve ever hosted or been a part of an online meeting, you know how hard it can be to capture attendees’ attention. Virtual meetings are here to stay, and unfortunately, so is Zoom fatigue. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep employees engaged...
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Reward your remote team with an Office Party Extravaganza

Posted April 22, 2021
Reward Your Remote Teams with an Office Party Extravaganza! Let’s face it. Your remote teams have met this long year of uncertainty like champions. It’s time to show your valued team members...
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Pivoting to Virtual Team Building Experiences Has Proven Successful!

Posted August 21, 2020
AdVenture Games Inc. was recently featured on AZTV! In the interview, our CEO Chad Michael talks about how AdVenture Games is changing with the times and how our team building games help businesses...
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Client Spotlight: Amazon

Posted October 4, 2019
“As part of our leadership summit, we wanted to find something to get the team to work together. With people flying in from different parts of the US, it was essential to do some team building.” Amazon is...
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Client Spotlight: Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Posted August 30, 2019
“We have a new team in the research department, and they haven’t really been together for too long. We wanted to find something so that we could get the team to really interact together. Our goals were...
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Client Spotlight: Five Acres

Posted November 16, 2018
“The team at AGI is so good about encouraging teamwork, and encouraging communication. The feeling was organic.” Sometimes, you just need to get up, get outside, and do something. That’s exactly...
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Client Spotlight: Interrupt

Posted November 2, 2018
“Work hard play hard all day everyday. We totally lived that out.” Interrupt is a brand distillery that emphasizes insights, branding, engagement, and analysis to maximize a company’s potential. With their...
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Client Spotlight: Acton Academy Placer

Posted August 31, 2018
“We wanted a great way to kick off the inclusion of a high school program. Teens can take awhile to get comfortable with one and other (obviously), so we wanted to give them an opportunity to get...
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Client Spotlight: Bankers Healthcare Group

Posted July 26, 2018
“Everyone truly enjoyed SpyGame. It wasn’t your average bowling or escape room.” Bankers Healthcare Group was determined to bring their two departments together this summer, the issue was...
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