ChadMichael-300x300 adventure games team buildingHello!  I am Chad Michael, founder of AdVenture Games Team Building.  Thank you for stopping by our home on the digital web to explore how we can assist you in planning and executing a fun, professional and valuable team building activity for your company.

First of all, I am not psychic but I know who you are.  Yes you!  As I am looking into my crystal ball I see that you have been assigned the daunting task of planning your next team building event.  I think I might have even heard a couple groans from you.  I don’t blame you.  Once upon a time when I worked for corporate America, when I heard the words “team building” I immediately felt a sudden illness come over my body that would last conveniently until the activity of designing a bridge with toothpicks and gumdrops was over.  And don’t forget the cheese!  The silly scavenger hunts that made you feel less like an educated professional and more like you are back in scouts, was way too much for me.

So here you are – your peers are looking to you to research and bring to the table an activity that will deliver fun and learning with sophistication and style.  This is big pressure, I know – especially when anyone can throw together a scavenger hunt and call it “team building.”  But don’t worry – I’ve got your back.

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I turned down the coveted role of Prince Charming at Disney to pursue my own dream of designing AdVenture Games Team Building; to create learning and trust exercises that would immediately engage participants by using theater and humor mixed with the element of surprise to hook them in.  Often times our clients don’t even realize they are stepping into a team building exercise until they are already in it.  Our flagship programs such as SpyGame and Executive Challenge are based on strategy, communication, time management with risk vs. reward scenarios peppered throughout.  Our sophisticated leadership programs are not based on a typical “race to the finish” model, but a core value strengthening exercise to reward those who think and plan strategically rather than those who can just run fast.

And one more thing:  Our programs have the cool factor.  Seriously, kidnapping your boss and pressuring your team mates to try to sabotage each other is not only fun, engaging role-playing, but actually has remarkable lessons about communication and teamwork that will blow you away.  The way you play our games is often the way you play life and our debrief will prove it.

So there you have it!  Finally a team building company that knows how to deliver a fun, smart and sophisticated event that will engage your professional, high-level team, motivate your coworkers, and make you look like the smartest, coolest meeting planner ever.  And just when you thought you knew it all, our programs will teach you valuable life lessons, where at the end of the day, is where you will get the highest return on your investment.

The AdVenture Games Team!

The success of any team starts at the core with strong leadership dedicated to success and excellence for everyone in the entire organization.  Internal relationships and communication is vital to the health and success of any company, perhaps even more important than customer relationships and service.  Each of our facilitators make up a dynamite cast that will engage and energize your team with sophistication and style with the same level of quality that you would expect to deliver your own customers.  Our fun and dynamic staff hail from all over the country with various backgrounds and life experiences, and consist of communication specialists and performance artists.  We love what we do and it shows in our delivery and execution of each of our programs!

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CandiceEvans-300x300 adventure games team building

Candice Monique – The Queen / Facilitator


Tricia-300x300 adventure games team building

Tricia McNatt – National Lead Facilitator


AJ-300x300 adventure games team building

 AJ Chavero – El Zorro / Latin America Facilitator


Maddie-300x300 adventure games team building

 Maddie McConaghy – Mission Control Manager


Katana-300x300 adventure games team building

Katana Malone – Facilitator


Audrey-300x300 adventure games team building

Audrey LeCrone – Facilitator


JonathanR-300x300 adventure games team building

 Jonathan Rogers – IT Genius


Bob-300x300 adventure games team building

Bob Ennis – Graphic Artist Extraordinaire