Client Spotlight: Amazon

Posted October 4, 2019 under Client Spotlights

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“As part of our leadership summit, we wanted to find something to get the team to work together. With people flying in from different parts of the US, it was essential to do some team building.”

Amazon is one of the biggest and most recognized technology companies. Amazon focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Over 647,000 employees are working at Amazon, with many workers spread throughout the world.

The Goal. Amazon had employees flying in from all over the United States, meeting up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Amazon reached out to AdVenture Games Inc., intending to get all these employees to work together. Of course, not all 647,000 plus employees were there. However, of those there, many of them did not know each other. A team building activity was a great way to bring co-workers together. We suggested the Situation Room, a scenario-based game that forces participants to develop their listening skills. This fast-paced game was just what the Amazon team needed to do some team building. It’s a great game that brings the team together, which is especially useful since many of the participants at the summit don’t see each other often.

Location, Las Vegas, Nevada. The game, The Situation Room. Date: September 25, 2019. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you know how chaotic an atmosphere it can become. Participants playing The Situation Room are required to concentrate and focus on decoding and interpreting verbal and non-verbal messages. This game encourages collaboration and working effectively under pressure. After all, participants have just 60 minutes to restore data and order. It’s a great way to connect team members with an engaging game. The Situation Room encourages observation skills, data recollection, time management, intuitive response, and individual and team-thinking skills. Best of all, The Situation Room is FUN!

“Our teams thought The Situation Room was hilarious. When Chad came on, and the video started, it thoroughly engaged all of the participants present.”

The Amazon teams had so much fun working together, trying to beat the clock and deciphering the clues that weren’t always what they seemed. The Situation Room is a mystery adventure for the mind. So careful observation is the key to success. After all, one wrong decision results in a reroute and starting over. When playing the mystery game, participants will be surprised to learn just how fast those 60 minutes go by!

“The teams loved the competitive nature of The Situation Room activity. All the different clues were super competitive and loud. They challenged the teams. Once the clues started to come together, the team all become engaged. This helped the team to complete the mission successfully.” 

There are many benefits of The Situation Room. It’s a unique indoor investigative adventure which can be created inside any office space or meeting room. For Amazon, the leadership summit provided the perfect opportunity to bring key participants together. It’s more than just a fun team building activity. It creates a fun team environment, so, for Amazon, it was an excellent way for teammates throughout the US to bond, since they rarely get to see each other.

The Situation Room may be the right choice for your organization if you’re looking to engage participants’:

Observation Skills

Date Recollection

Time Management

Intuitive Response

Individual and team-think

Bringing people together that don’t often work together to act as a team can be a challenge for a large organization such as Amazon. AdVenture Games Inc. has the strategy and leadership games to help organizations of any size.