How AdVenture Games Inc helps Fortune 500 companies

Posted February 17, 2017

How Team Building Games Help Fortune 500 Companies Continue to Be Successful

While it is evident that any business, no matter the industry, can benefit from team building games and activities, some Fortune 500 companies have used these helpful business tools to succeed. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook are playing AdVenture Games’ team building games and activities and are seeing results. Since 2005, AdVenture Games have offered team building games for smart people that help business improve performance in the workplace. These team building activities help provide solutions to any business, corporate ones included. Any business looking for ways to integrate new staff with an existing staff or just to fix problems they are having in the workplace can all benefit from these helpful business tools.

Team building games and activities are known to improve productivity, boost morale and increase performance. One popular team building game these companies have used to achieve this is SpyGame. During this team building activity, team members use strategy, communication and quick thinking to find the mole in the group. After discovering this mole, they will be able to rescue the hostage, their boss. This particular team building game itself has no set route, which means the team must decide together which assignments to go after and what order to complete them. Poor communication and bad planning will cause the team to fail (just like in real-life situations). Time management is especially important in this game as the quicker tasks are done, the quicker the hostage can be recovered.

Ultimately, Google, Microsoft and Facebook play these team building games because of the benefits of communication, trust and strategy that are taught. They teach how important it is to work together to be successful on a common goal, an important lesson to learn for a workplace and for individuals who work together regularly. Savvy managers who are looking to help their business get a competitive edge understand how important it is to have a happy staff. A happy employee is someone who will work hard for the benefit of the team and business as a whole.

With the help of team building experts, AdVenture Games, your staff can transform too. Their one-of-a-kind team building exercises help make every experience an adventure that your staff wants to experience. We customize team building activities for your particular needs and can teach any lesson you need us to. No matter what industry your business is in, our creative team building games and activities can help you succeed. Contact our expert staff today to start planning your activity at 760-444-0515.