Client Spotlight: Acton Academy Placer

Posted August 31, 2018 under Client Spotlights

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“We wanted a great way to kick off the inclusion of a high school program. Teens can take awhile to get comfortable with one and other (obviously), so we wanted to give them an opportunity to get past that, quickly.”

Acton Academy is gearing up for back to school season with their students, and they wanted a way to help integrate the students coming back from summer vacation. Teens can be tough, especially when meeting for the first time. So what better way to kick-off the new school year and new high school programming with a SpyGame AdVenture!

Incoming students split into four teams to collaborate with each other, but also compete against each other to solve a series of challenges, puzzles, and overcome obstacles, all working towards a common goal. Not only was this a great exercise in critical thinking and a fantastic ice breaker for the incoming students, but it was fun!

“The kids are ranting and raving about how fun it was, and my staff saw an extreme value in connecting so quickly with the kids, as well,” said academy founder and high school guide Matt Beaudreau.

SpyGame provides groups like Bankers with an interactive workshop that takes them outside their comfort zone while also developing their skill set by engaging their ability to:

  • Plan strategically
  • Manage Time
  • Engage Creativity
  • Individual & Team-Think
  • Communicate
  • Collaborate Under Pressure

“The most memorable part, honestly, was the aftermath. To have all of these teens who didn’t know each other come in on day two and have a HISTORY together to bond around, makes all the difference in the world. “

To learn more about Acton Academy Placer, check out their website here.