Smart Idaho Falls Team Building Activities

If you’re looking to improve the cohesiveness of your team in Idaho Falls, one of the ways that you might find success is with team building games and activities. At AdVenture Games Team Building we have a number of unique options to choose from, each allowing your team members to hone a different set of important skills that will improve their abilities in the workplace.

SpyGame is a great game for throwing your team right into your action. The “boss” is kidnapped, and then your team has to work as a cohesive unit to recover you. Your team members will learn a number of valuable skills including time management, teamwork, problem-solving, communication and creativity while working through the unique challenges that they face during this game.

Unique Team Building for the Business Savvy

For a different type of surprise, consider the mobile escape room known as Office Escape. With this team building game, AdVenture Games Team Building brings the escape room directly to you. Your team members will come for a 60-minute motivational meeting and end up trapped in your own office, having to solve a variety of tricky puzzles to escape. This game will focus on time management, communication, leadership and teamwork skills as members work to escape together.

AdVenture Games Challenge is another excellent option for you to consider, because it is an option that you can play right in the local neighborhood your office is located in. The purpose of this game is to test your team on their business savvy, creativity and tech knowledge. This game can be tailored to the topics that apply directly to your business or industry, so please allow us to custom tailor it to suit your needs.


If you’re looking for a team building activity that will help build on the cohesiveness of your team to build a stronger business, contact us today at AdVenture Games Team Building. We have many great options that will suit your needs.

Choose the perfect team building activity for your team!