Intense Problem-Solving Teamwork!

Your team thinks they are signed up for a one-hour motivational seminar in a conference room. What they don’t realize is once they enter the room, they can’t get out! They’ve only got 60 minutes to develop a plan and find their escape!

OFFICE ESCAPE is a thrilling mental game of search and discovery as participants race against the clock to escape the office. This challenge is the epitome of team collaboration as it drives participants to think objectively and collectively.

Team Benefits

OFFICE ESCAPE not only avails a fun, mentally-stimulating atmosphere, it uses the science of synergy to engage the following skills:

Thinking as a team

Interpersonal communication

Collaboration under pressure

Swift problem solving

Engaged creative thought


The Setup

Before your meeting begins, we unsuspectingly pepper your meeting room with clues and props.  Coworkers are told that to expect a special guest speaker.  But in reality it’s a perfectly crafted prank. 

Just when the presentation is going from bad to worse, we reveal the prank and start the clock. Your team then has 60 minutes to solve dozens of puzzles and riddles hidden throughout the room.  Each clue leads to another clue and it becomes evident that team members must listen to and trust one another in order to find their key to freedom.

OFFICE ESCAPE gives you the best of both worlds – you get to kick off the event with a hilarious prank, then test your group’s ability to think on their feet in an escape room scenario.  It’s the first portable live escape adventure of its kind, designed to fit seamlessly into your office or meeting room.

Office Escape is more than a game – it’s an interactive workshop that presents opportunity for discussion and valuable lessons learned about communication and teamwork.

Lock your team up and enhance your meeting!

  • TIME: 60 – 90 Minutes
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 2 – 200
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Not Applicable