Head-to-head High

Pressure Hijinks

MINUTE WARS is based on NBC’s classic fast-paced game show Minute to Win It. Led by a professional Host and Lab Technicians, teams must think on their feet and work together creatively and strategically to pull off these high-pressure hijinks.


1. Show Time

Teams compete in a spectacular show of several rounds of play in any meeting space. Each team puts forth players for each round to showcase their skills. Points are awarded based on how accurately and quickly the participants complete each challenge.

2.The competitions

Junk in the Trunk – Wiggle a box filled with ping-pongs attached to your waist until the box is empty.
Bobble Head – With a pedometer attached to your forehead, jump around to record 125 total “steps“
Chocolate Unicorn – Balance 7 ding dongs on your forehead, without eating them!
Elephant March – Use your head and pantyhose/baseball “trunk” to knock over two stacks of bottles.
Tipsy – Stack three cans of soda magically on their sides without letting them toppling over.
Dizzy Mummy – Wrap yourself in toilet paper without it breaking.
Sharp Shooter – Use rubber bands to knock over cards held with clothespins.
Johnny Apple Stack – Balance 5 apples on top of each other without letting them fall over.
Paper Scraper – Using 30 index cards, stack a tower without it toppling over.
Noodling Around – Collect 5 pieces of pasta on a string of spaghetti using only your mouth.
Shoe Fly Shoe – Contestants use a shoe to hit a target.

3. Workshop

Teams get a chance to test out each of the Minute Wars games and practice feats of balance and precision. Most of all, they get to practice the willingness to let their inhibitions let loose and have a great time. (Gold level only).

Team Benefits

Communication Skills
Team Camaraderie
Hand-Eye Coordination
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Risk Management


Time : 2 Hours
Number of Participants : 20 – 500+
Physical Needs : Varies By Game
Customizable : Yes
Charity Component : Easily Integrated

“The entire Adventure Games team went above and beyond in putting together a team-building experience to remember! It was delightfully fun, creative, and whimsical, and allowed everyone to shed their everyday “work” personas to laugh and create something together in a lighthearted, but competitive environment. Set up on our end was minimal, but the payoff was immense! Thanks for everything!”
“It was one of the most exciting & cryptic team building events we’ve ever had. Even the most cynical & hard to impress on the team were highly engaged. Thanks to Chad and Adventure Games team for putting together an awesome experience.”
“Our team marketing meeting went from good to great after playing the SpyGame."
“Our team had a great time using the MasterMind team for our team building event! They were fun,entertaining and very professional while being fun! We had a great time and our team builder was a huge success. Thank you!”
Our group had a fantastic time. A lot of them said it was the best activity yet. Thank you for all of your hard work in a very quick time frame. It was a night that a lot of our team members won’t forget!