Myths Regarding Team Building Activities

Posted November 13, 2015

Team building activities have been proven to improve productivity, increase performance levels and boost company morale overall in businesses across the United States. They are commonly customized so that each team building game works directly with the staff participating. This personalization allows for a more positive outcome and an overall better impression on a staff. Here are three of the most popular myths regarding team building games.

1. Team building exercises should be outside in good weather.
While yes, it is a great experience to be outdoors with a staff, team building games can occur anywhere. Ultimately it is where the game is experienced, but the experience itself that is important. Team building games also can be done during any type of weather and throughout the year this way, making them a reliable business solution for all businesses in any type of climate.

2. For team building challenge courses, all participants must be physically fit.
This one isn’t entirely true either. While physically fit participants may experience an easier time during physical challenges, others who are less than fit can still participate. This experience actually teaches those who may struggle about pushing on through a challenge and working with team members that may have other skills (different than theirs) in order to complete the tasks at hand. Any one of any age, race, size or gender can participate in creative and fun team building activities.

3. Team building only works with well-rounded groups.
Ultimately team building games are for any type of group. Oftentimes these experiences are chosen so that different groups can meld into one and work more efficiently in a work place. The primary role of team building games is to boost teamwork skills as well as communication.

Team building games and activities can be done anywhere with any groups or teams. They are effective for nearly any business in any industry and address specific issues and concerns relative to that specific staff. By customizing these experiences, they are more valuable to those looking for help in their office place.