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Your meeting is abruptly interrupted by a team of FBI Agents. They reveal that a “situation” has occurred, and a high stakes mission training session begins to address it. What follows is an action-packed game of espionage that will test—and build—participants’ skills at strategizing, team-building, and thinking on their feet, as they race against the clock to rescue a hostage and take down a notorious crime syndicate.

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How does it work?

During the middle of your conference, a group of FBI Agents storms in, demanding everyone’s attention and takes control of the meeting.  As the room buzzes with questions, the agents show a classified video of their boss being kidnapped. (An information heist or other scenarios can be substituted.) The mission: track down the boss and bring the kidnappers to justice.

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Divided into teams and armed with case files, cell phones, and cameras, each group takes to the streets. After downloading a course map to their smartphone, team members communicate with Headquarters to pinpoint the locations of their Informants, played by our cast of professional actors. Once an Informant is located, the team’s task isn’t over, as information is rarely given for free. Additional challenges test players’ wits and creativity, as teams work to get the clues that matter, recording clues and intel on digital cameras along the way.

As the mission goes on, teams may contact Headquarters for extra assignments. These assignments can earn teams extra points, but they might distract from the primary mission. It’s up each team to decide whether to go for broke or let sleeping dogs lie.

Team1-e1411878158639 adventure games team buildingThe plot thickens…

Just when a team is feeling on top of the case, Headquarters drops a bombshell: there’s a mole out there. These moles have their own agenda: to sabotage the team without getting caught!

SpyGame culminates in a dramatic finale, where all is revealed: who are the moles? Where is the hostage? And the crime boss? But wait—is the crime boss really an undercover agent? Have the moles been working together as a secret Mole Team all along? Is anyone who they say they are? All is revealed as final challenges are completed and points are tallied, to determine which team will be crowned Extra Special Agents.

SpyGame’s hijinx and intrigue will leave all participants with unforgettable stories for years to come.

Roxie1-e1411877271557 adventure games team buildingKeys to success

SpyGame calls on participants to Strategize, Synchronize and Organize!  Unlike a scavenger hunt, this team building game has no set route. Each team must determine which assignments to go after, and in what order to pursue them, based on the assignments’ point values and location. Team members must also cooperate to complete challenges and to sniff out moles, without wasting time finger-pointing and chasing their tails. Bad planning and poor communication could cost as much as false intel. It’s the team that can work best together that will rack up the most points, bring down the syndicate, and save the boss.

How your team benefits

SpyGame team building engages participants’ strategic planning and interpersonal communication skills in a fun, high-energy atmosphere. Plotting the course for maximum efficiency is a great hands-on strategic planning experience. Participants hone their creativity and time-management acumen as they work together to crack the case, and get a real-time lesson in the challenges and benefits of collaborating under pressure. And finally, routing out the mole on the team provides valuable experience in determining trustworthiness, and in recognizing the ways in which individuals with their own agenda can sabotage a collaborative effort.

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GAMES-SPECS-ON adventure games team building

  • TIME: 3 Hours
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 4 – 500
  • PHYSICAL NEEDS: Moderate Walking
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Easily Integrated

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