What Are the Benefits of Summer Camp-Inspired Team Building Activities?

Posted September 6, 2019

Summertime is special. For some families, it’s a time to send the kids to summer camp. At summer camp, kids nurture social skills, develop teamwork, build friendships, and enhance their self-confidence. Summer camps encourage personal growth.  Bunk life is not for everyone, but, many kids end up meeting their future best friend.

Summer is also a time when families go camping to enjoy different activities — during both of these types of outdoor activities, families and friends bond, creating lifelong memories.  The entire family or summer camp cabin mates grow and learn, working together towards a common goal. Each member brings their unique talents to whatever the task may be. From Olympic style games like running competitions and other physically demanding challenges to talent shows, summer camp typically involves competitions, pitting cabins versus cabins. A family camp trip usually consists of pitching a tent or foraging kindle for the campfire, and of course, lots of laughs.

During these hands-on events, individuals’ skills are developed and utilized. Whether it’s a family or a group of friends, everyone involved bonds and learns to work together.

Get Back to the Basics

You can relive those days in a work setting, and use it to achieve positive results. Are you looking for ways to improve company morale? Could your employees use a little push to build trust among their co-workers?  Are you trying to get your employees to communicate better? Take your team building activity outside! Summer camp-inspired team building activities re-build strong working relationships and develop a sense of community amongst your coworkers. Best of all, everyone involved gets to have fun in the process!

Don’t like camping? Don’t worry. Team building activities like the summer camp-inspired Camp Basics are about 3 to 4 hours long. So, you don’t actually sleep outside. However, you do get to relive many of those fun summer camp games. You can customize Camp Basic around a specific theme. Are these games easy? No, they’re physically and mentally demanding challenges that allow participants to work together. Team members get up close and personal. Along the way, they’re building their athletic abilities, opening up communication lines, developing strategies, creativity, and time-management acumen.

Are Camp Basic games the same as what you played in summer camp? Not really, and that’s what makes these games so great. Sure, these high-energy games can make you feel like a kid again. But, it takes more than team spirit to win at these games. The games are intense, combining strategy and building teamwork to crown the champions. These activities allow employees to think out of the box. Employees have a chance to uncover skills they never thought they had — it can provide ways to mentor new leaders in the company. Of course, even teams that lose are going to have a blast and learn and grow.

Team building activities like Camp Basics and other AdVenture Games are worth the effort.  Studies have shown that competition increases productivity. And when you make the competition fun, teams tend to bond more effectively. Plus, the winning team will have bragging rights until the next team building activity comes along.

Other Team Building Outdoor Activities

A day out of the office is welcomed by most, even if the weather isn’t so great. Of course, summers are usually warmer, and there are lots of significant events happening when the weather cools down after hours too. So, if you can do it, give employees an extra hour or two off from work. Doing this can boost morale and allows employees to enjoy a summer evening out.