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pride month for LGBQT

How to Celebrate 2022 Pride Month at the Workplace

Posted May 20, 2022
There's no doubt that the last couple of years have brought a lot of change in our workplaces. But the importance of diversity and inclusion at work hasn't changed. Neither has the need to recognize the value of every member on your team. Since we're talking about everyone at the workplace, let's talk about how to celebrate your LGBTQ employees, whether they're working remotely or at the office.
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effective ways to work as a team in 2022

The Pros of Good Communication in the Workplace

Posted May 9, 2022
Good communication results in a happier, more productive workplace. Why? Because everyone on the team knows what is expected, team members work better together toward the overall goal. And when there's good communication between employees and leaders, it builds trust. It also makes the workplace a more enjoyable place to be.
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