Fostering Meaningful Connections in the Workplace

Posted July 1, 2019

It’s important to make social connections at work. After all, we spend a great deal of time at our workplace. Rather than just tolerating individual employees, employers can create a better workplace by building meaningful relationships.

These days, many workers are busy working in their own bubble — technology has made it possible for people to shut themselves off from what’s around them. Sure, work is getting done, and this makes management and bosses happy. However, it’s ALL the employees that help make the team and company succeed. There is lots of power in healthy, work employee relationships. It can keep the positivity flowing, improve morale, and lead to even greater results. When company morale is high, it has a positive influence, leading to happy workers working together on a common goal, no matter what their role may be.

The importance of connection in the workplace

How well do you know your co-workers? Creating connections in the workplace is an essential part of company culture. The vibe of the workplace can spread like wildfire. It can be either positive or negative. Either way, it’s going to affect productivity and the overall company culture. Studies have shown that when employees feel more socially connected, they’re happier at work. Of course, a positive and comfortable environment doesn’t always mean things are going to be stress-free, but, it does lead to an openness to keep the communication lines open to receive constructive feedback.

There are lots of different ways to foster meaningful connections. Yes, every company is different and so are its workers, so it makes sense to try a few different strategies to find out what works best. Here are a few ways to connect employees with each other.

  • Set up team building activities. One of the best ways to connect employees with each other is through fun team building activities. There are lots of ideas for any office size — from Spy Games, which tests and builds participants’ strategizing, to Office Escape, which gets participants to think like a team to escape the office. Board games and trivia games are other great options. All these games help employees take a break and unwind while getting to know their co-workers a little better in the process. They can also help team leaders build their leadership skills. Learn about fun team building games that inspire and help create social connections at work.
  • Let’s Celebrate! Organize office events to celebrate things like birthdays, baby showers, holidays, achievements, and other things to get excited about. Make employees feel like they’re more than just a number.
  • Company-wide introductions. Create a sense of community by taking the time to get to know people — from the janitorial staff to upper management, workers, and entry-level employees. Going out of your way to recognize employees, no matter what their role is, can give employees a sense of purpose and value. Try to know the names of all the employees and maybe one or two things about the individual. A great way to create social connections at work is to introduce different departments. You can do this via social activities, especially those that involve food. Everyone loves food! Friday food truck days, quarterly picnics, and donut days are all ideas that can work in almost any workplace.

Not everyone is going to be best friends with their co-workers. However, team leaders can foster meaningful connections in the workplace and create a work culture that’s supportive and positive. Try team building activities to unlock your team’s unique gifts and watch the company culture soar.