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Image-Overlay-Round-1-300x300 adventure games team buildingWhen you find that your Gresham, Oregon team isn’t performing at their best, one way to bring them together is with a team building game. By improving upon a series of different skills, they will improve their productivity, increase their performance level and boost their morale. We at AdVenture Games Team Building offer a large range of team building activities to choose from, effective for any Oregon business.

One of our most popular team building games is known as SpyGame. This is a fast-paced experience that has you, the boss, kidnapped, and the rest of your team working hard to recover you from your kidnappers in the allotted time. Your team will need to use time management, problem solving, time management and communication in order to be successful. This is a great team building option for those trying to bring in new members to an already existing and successful team.

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Another high-energy team building activity is Camp Basics. Here, your team is dropped off to a remote location in your area and split up into smaller teams. These teams will compete in challenges earning points along the way. The two teams with the highest number of points at the end compete in a final obstacle course to determine the winner of the game. This team building game teaches strategic thinking, communication, problem solving and leadership.

Lastly, one of our most popular beginner team building experience is known as AdVenture Games Challenge. During this game, your staff is tested on a variety of topics including creativity, tech knowledge and business savvy. This game can be fully customizable to include any topic of your choosing.


At AdVenture Games Team Building, we can help you customize a team building game that will focus on the skills that you want your team to work on the most. Contact us today for a comprehensive quote for your next team building experience.


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