Bringing Summer Camp Back

What happens when teams of co-workers are summoned to relive their childhood to compete in a series of physical and mental challenges? An exciting hands-on event that grows the whole person and the whole team.

CAMP BASICS is a fun summer camp-inspired lawn event modeled after a theme of your choice. Olympics and Survivor are some of our favorites but no matter the theme, all our games provide a fun, high-energy atmosphere where participants work together to meet physically and mentally demanding challenges.

Team Benefits

CAMP BASICS ensures that teams get up close and personal with real-time lessons as they scramble to be champions. Engaged skills include:

Athletic abilities

Open communication

Developed strategy

Intense creativity

Time-management acumen

Let the Games Begin

There may be an opposing team but these aren’t your traditional camp games. It’s going to take more than your average dose of team spirit to conquer CAMP BASICS.

Before the competition begins, teams think up a team name and design a flag with materials provided that conveys the spirit of their team. Not only are these flags team totems, but they’re also hot commodities—if they are left alone they could be taken by another team. 

Once the flags are completed, the opening ceremony commences with a parade of the flags and the competition begins!

The game consist of teams rotating through a series of head-to-head challenges that test mental and physical strength, as well as teamwork and strategy. Referees award points at the end of each challenge.

The winning team celebrates their victory as their flag stands safe and secure.

If you’re going to succeed at defense, you’ve got to execute a killer offense.  This summer camp inspired lawn event has strategy-building, teamwork, and lots of fun in store as teams scramble to be champions.

Go on, take the Camp Basics Challenge—you won’t regret it.

  • TIME: 3 – 4 Hours
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 25 – 1,000+
  • PHYSICAL NEEDS: Must be in good physical health
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Easily Integrated