Creative Team Building Games & Activities in Paterson

If you’re looking for ways to build a stronger team in Paterson, New Jersey, AdVenture Games Team Building has the answer. Team building games help to improve communication, problem-solving and thinking under pressure skills. Your team will feel more energized and be more productive overall. These team building experiences can create a serious edge for your company and are worth considering.

One of our most popular team building games is SpyGame. During this innovative team building experiences, the boss is kidnapped and your team must complete challenges in order to rescue you in time. Your staff will use teamwork, time management, leadership and problem-solving skills while navigating through a series of unique puzzles to recover you.

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Another great customizable team building experience is known as AdVenture Games Challenge. During this game, your staff is tested on a variety of topics you want them to know such as tech knowledge, business savvy and other related topics to your business. This game is unique in that it is tailored to each business who wants to experience it.

For a more survival-type team building game, try Camp Basics. This game has your staff dropped off somewhere remote. From there, they are split into smaller teams and complete challenges earning points along the way. After all the challenges are complete, the two teams with the most point compete in the final obstacle course. This game will teach your staff to work together in a pressurized situation, which is a relatable situation that they experience on a regular basis.


Ultimately, AdVenture Games Team Building has a team building game that will suit every type of business. Contact us to find out how we can help you and for a comprehensive quote. We can’t wait to help your Paterson, New Jersey business to be stronger and more cohesive.


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