How to Build a Winning Team Culture

Posted August 7, 2019

Teamwork. It’s one of the best ways to get things done. This is true in almost any setting, and especially in business. Team culture and leadership go hand in hand. You may already have a talented group of individuals in your workplace — the goal is to merge all their talents. Of course, sometimes workers might get stuck in an unmotivated rut. However, when you’re building a winning team culture, you can transform average workers into extraordinary workers. Get your employees to work together as a team, and watch how quickly your business achieves its common goals.

There are lots of ways to build a winning team culture, here are a few:

Organize team-building activities. Everyone likes to have fun, and when you get to have fun at work, it can motivate everyone. Why is it important to build team culture? For one, positivity is contagious. You feel like you can accomplish almost anything in a positive work environment. Try team-building games that combine strategy and risk, or try creative solution games that challenge employees to work together towards a common goal. The teamwork doesn’t stop once the activity is over. Instead, make collaboration a core value of your organization.

Encourage challenges. It’s pretty easy to get a little too comfortable in your role at work. Feeling too comfortable can create a stagnant work environment. You might feel like you’re just doing the same thing over and over. Switch it up a bit with challenging roles and assign different projects. When a team faces a challenge, each person needs to step up their efforts. This leads us to our next tip.

Cross-train employees. When employees have an idea of their co-workers’ roles, it provides a different perspective. An understanding of everyone’s roles at work encourages employees to make decisions that will benefit the entire company. Some companies may want to try switching roles once a week, monthly, or, during the slower season, so it doesn’t interfere with the workflow. You can try this technique with management too. If you’re familiar with the TV show “Undercover Boss,” then you might have an idea of what we’re getting at. You can have top-level management and executives work on the front lines. Placing them on the front lines can help give a better understanding and an appreciation for the challenges that other employees in your organization may face daily.

Assign team-oriented goals. Give each team member significant tasks to tackle. During your team-building activities, mix up the team members, so it’s not always the same people on the team. You can also apply this beyond team building activities. For instance, it’s a good idea to mix things up, so it’s not the same people always making critical decisions. There may be a hidden leader with great ideas that has never had his or her say. Mixing it up helps to keep things fresh.

Teams need resources. It’s true. For organizations to succeed, they’re going to need the right resources. Of course, there’s always going to be a budget, but, if employees are working on outdated computers, it’s incredible what an upgrade can do. Things like an upgraded computer don’t just help with productivity. It can also help build morale and help employees feel wanted. Teams also need a place to meet, so they can brainstorm and come up with new ideas. Provide a meeting room that goes beyond the break-room. After all, it’s hard to get any productive work done when the scent of someone’s lunch is in the air, especially if you’re hungry!