How do I bring new employees into our company culture?

Posted November 19, 2019

Do you remember your first day in the office? It was probably a little stressful and perhaps a bit uncomfortable too. After all, you were walking into an environment where work friendships and common bonds were shared. And then there’s that feeling that all eyes are on you. Yes, every office has its own vibe, culture, and etiquette. So, how can you help make your new hire feel welcome? Below are some tips for a smooth onboarding process.

Ease the new hire before the official start date. A great way to help the new hire get a taste of the work culture is to start the new-hire process before their first day. A great way to do this is with a customized offer letter. You can phrase the message to make it feel much like how the office vibe flows. Use language that represents your values. Another excellent way to make the process smooth is to have the new hire complete paperwork ahead of time. Let’s face it. It can get a little awkward staring at the new hire filling out tax forms and other information. You can also relieve many of the questions the new hire will have, such as where to park? What time should I arrive at the office? Do I need to bring my own computer? What’s the dress code? Which floor is the office located? Where are the restrooms?

Introduction methods. It’s an exciting time for both the new hire and the office team. Of course, someone has to break the ice and to help make it easier for everyone. You can have the new hire answer some fun questions about what they like to do out of the office. As long as you have the new hire’s permission, you can share the answers with the rest of the team. Doing this can help break the ice and start a conversion. It can help the team connect the face with the questions.

Let the new hire ask questions. Let’s face it. The new person is going to have lots of questions and might feel a bit shy about asking them. Before they come into the first day of work, kindly reassure the new hire that asking questions is quite all right. Questions should be encouraged, not frowned upon. Don’t assume the new hire knows what’s going on. Help them, and they will engage faster, with successful results. Of course, you’ll want to listen to them too! Listening can make someone feel better.

New hire buddy. This next one is similar to the introduction methods. If you’ve ever been the new kid at school, you may have had a first-day buddy. This is the same thing; only it’s at work. Assign a buddy to show the new hire around. He or she doesn’t have to be with the new hire all day, but making him or her feel comfortable by offering some friendly company goes a long way.

Discuss company core values and discuss the ways applied in a variety of tasks. Show the new hire how the company’s core values have been used to positive effect. From small scale to high-level decisions, seeing the core values in day-to-day work situations is a great way to engage the new hire.

We saved the best for last — play a team-building game! Team building activities are an excellent way to break the ice. Try AdVenture Games, Inc., and step up your office game with games that bring people together.