6 Reasons Team Building is a MUST for Your Satellite Team

Posted July 26, 2018

Today with the workforce moving toward being almost entirely digital, we find ourselves spread out, yet we still work together. Unfortunately, without a face-to-face interaction, conflicts may arise. This is why traditional team building activities are so important. Without the bonding experience created from participating in team building activities, employees can find themselves lost, directionless, confused, and feeling as if they lack a reliable support system.

Builds Trust & Rapport

Trust is an integral part of a team working together. Without trust, team members can feel alone and neglected. Team building activities encourages employees to lean on each other when facing a challenge. The rapport built from conquering a shared task and achieving a common goal aids the workflow among satellite team members on a day-to-day basis as they are able to draw on their in-person experience.  

Adds A Face to a Name

Often when working in a digital space, it becomes easy to forget that you are interacting with a real, live person. That’s just one of the downfalls to an online workspace. By coming together for a team building activity, your team members are able to put a face to a name, or in many cases, an email address. This allows them to work better when they return to their own separate worlds because they have now met each other, and worked together in person.

Creates a Definitive Team Environment

Simply put, when you have to work together to succeed at a challenge in the real world as opposed to a digital work space, you have no choice but to come together as a team. Instead of working in an abstract digital space, team building activities create a concrete understanding for the organization.

Clarifies Interactions

Hierarchies are as old as group society. Naturally, leaders appear and show themselves, but it is hard for that to occur when you’re distanced from your coworkers. Team building activities allow leaders to present themselves in a real world setting.

Creates a Reliable Support System

When team members are spread across the digital landscape, they can find themselves coping with feelings of isolation. This can make them feel as if they don’t have a reliable support system to turn to when they’re struggling. An in person Team Building experience allows for team members to know they can turn to each other.  

Improves Communication Practices

Having worked together in real-time and in person, members can now communicate in a less formal manner due to the benefits of a a real-world interaction instead of relying solely on phone calls and emails.

Are you ready to give your satellite team the tools it needs to succeed? It’s important that they not just work together online, but know that they all exist as a team in the real world. Doing so shows that they’re not just individuals, but a team that knows how to effectively collaborate to ensure company success.

We at AdVenture Games Inc. are experts at helping you to find your team’s strengths and weaknesses by devising a plan that helps work on them exclusively. How closely a team collaborates is one of the positive parts of employee engagement as a whole. We can’t wait to help you to improve upon your staff’s collaboration skills and to improve your business overall. Let’s get started today!