Why Traditional Team Building No Longer Motivates Teams

Posted March 20, 2018

Does Traditional Team Building Work?

For most employees, team building exercises and group problem-solving activities lift spirit and foster closer teams overall. However, for some, they can be seen in a sarcastic light, perhaps even nerve-racking or embarrassing situations that their employers might miss in hopes of bringing a team closer. The question is: Do they actually work?

Here are four reasons why traditional team building activities need to change if they are to really work.

  • Learning

It’s hard to bring out useful learning points if all of your employees are to grow together. It is hard to make sure that people take the learning back to the workplace so understanding the activity and how it can help them is integral. By removing any negativity surrounding the activity and by being creative while ensuring everyone knows and understands the motives of it. The group is less likely to feel it as a mandatory thing to get through but instead something to enjoy.

  • Balanced attention for each employee

Some employees may not enjoy having attention drawn to themselves, which may cause them to be anxious of team building activities that single everyone out. This may leave to a wedge being drawn between them and their colleagues and the employer rather than bring them together, which is the goal of team building overall. A better way is to involve the group using skills that each employee shines at, drawing on each of them collectively to positively encourage participation and reaffirm their contribution as a whole.

  • Socializing Versus Team Building

The main reason why traditional team building doesn’t motivate teams as it is hard to determine whether we are simply socializing or participating in a team building activity. While many employees like to socialize together even outside of work, others might not and if the line is blurred between a social event versus a team building activity, we are back to item 1 – learning. What is it that everyone is supposed to take away from it? Have an answer for this before planning the next event and ensure the guidelines and information is clear on what the objective is…to build stronger teams.

Solving the traditional team building conundrum

Be eager to choose team-building activities that are activities specific for the group that uses their skills but isn’t just a push for an existing work project that they’re doing anyways. For example, create a game that uses strategy for short and long-term goals for the group but take away the direct “so how will you now do your task?” element. This brainstorming process before creating the activity will clarify what kinds of things will best motivate your team.

How Adventure Games Team Building Can Help Your Team

Traditional team building is out and modern team building games and activities that allow your team to thrive are in! Fun means different things to different people, but if you allow your employees to operate at their best, not only will you have a positive work environment, but they feel motivated and invested in positive results.

Have fun at work with regular team building games that boost morale, increase productivity and foster relationships between co-workers naturally. No matter your industry, our large selection of creative team building activities and games will help your business. We can customize a team building experience for you and your staff that is a helpful business tool. A fun work environment is something to aspire to as a business owner in your industry. A positive place will improve efficiency and increase your bottom line. What more could you want?

We at AdVenture Games Inc are experts at helping you to find your team’s strengths and weaknesses and devising a plan that helps work on them exclusively. How closely a team works is one of the positive parts of employee engagement as a whole. We can’t wait to help you to improve upon your staff’s skills and to improve your business overall. Let’s get started today!