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The Difference Between Team Building and Team Bonding


While yes, in order to build the most efficient team, you must form bonds. Team members must work together and bond to have the strongest effect on the business as a whole. Your workplace is the place where your employees should be building every day. While bonding is an important activity, team building is a critical portion of that process.

What is the difference between the two though?

Team Building

Team building is useful for those that want their team to become stronger and to be more productive as a whole. This concept recognizes that each member has their own skills and by working together as a one, the team is that much stronger. Team building games and activities from AdVenture Games, Inc. help your team to learn how to work with each other better. They also help build skills such as problem solving and communication, both imperative lessons to learn and relative to work in your office on a daily basis. The biggest benefit of team building is the long-term results. These activities can truly change the performance flow in your office. With team building games and activities, you instantly see a return on your investment.

Team Bonding

Team bonding incorporates some type of fun, whether golf, bowling or the movies, in order to bring the group together. While bonding is important when building trust, it doesn’t bring the same value that team building activities do to your staff. Team bonding can even be a waste of time if there is no common goal associated with the activity. Ultimately, there are some major differences when it comes to team building and team bonding. The best option for your business is one that focuses on your goal. If your team in particular needs to work on improving performance, team building is the right choice. With the help of our expert team at AdVenture Games, Inc., we can custom an experience that will teach your staff real-time lessons that help increase performance for your business. To learn more, call us today at 760-444- 0515 to begin planning your next team building experience.