Creative Sterling Heights Team Building Games

When you’re looking for creative ways to help your team in Sterling Heights to work better together, try team building games. With the help of years of experience from AdVenture Games Team Building, you can find the right team building activity for your specific needs. We customize experiences that address the issues and concerns you have with your team.

One of our most popular and thrilling team building games is SpyGame. This puts you, the boss, right in the middle of the action. During this team building experience, you are kidnapped and your staff must work together in order to rescue you in time. This experience helps your staff to develop problem-solving, team work, communication and time management skills as they attempt to rescue you quickly.

Team Building for Smart Leadership

Office Escape, a mobile escape room, is another great team building activity to bring your staff together. This is the world’s first mobile puzzle room to come directly to your office. During this lock in challenge, your team must crack codes and solve puzzles in order to escape the room in just one hour’s time. Time management, strategic thinking and communication are all important skills that are developed during this team building experience.

For a team building experience that gets your staff moving, try Camp Basics. This team building games drops your staff off into a remote location. They are split into teams each with a team name, a leader and a flag they make out of material given to them on the spot. The teams will all work on a series of challenges, earning points along the way. After all the challenges are completed, the two teams with the highest number of points heads to the final obstacle course. This game teaches problem solving, leadership, strategic thinking and communication as players work through the puzzles that await them on the course.


With so many team building game options available, it’s important that you contact us today at AdVenture Games Team Building to customize an experience that works best for you and your Sterling Heights, Michigan business today.

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