Fun Detroit Team Building Activities

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When you’re looking for fun activities to bring your staff together to be stronger in Detroit, try team building activities from AdVenture Games Team Building. With these team building games, your team will benefit from improving their problem-solving, teamwork, communication and strategic thinking skills. All this is achieved by working as a group, which essentially is what team building is all about.

One of our most popular escape room team building games is known as Office Escape. This team building activity is a great way to test and expand your communication, time management and leadership skills in a fast-paced environment. Turn your own office space or meeting room into a mobile puzzle room. This will make what your staff thought was a one-hour motivational speaker session into a fun and memorable team building experience.

No matter where your meetings may take you in Detroit, we’ve got the perfect team building solution for you

Another fun scavenger hunt game is National Treasure. This game is conducted through the help of our own app. It encourages both teamwork and communication as your team works together to crack codes and collect clues to find the final treasure. They have just 90 minutes to maneuver through true stories throughout historical locations in your city. They must work together diligently in order to get the job done right and on time.

For another fast-paced team building game, try Camp Basics. This game drops your team off in a remote location and splits them up into different groups where they must work together to earn points. When the challenges have all been completed, the two teams with the highest points compete in the final obstacle course. This exciting team building experience teaches strategic thinking, problem solving, communication and leadership, all during one experience.


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