Unforgettable Hartford Team Building Activities

Image-Overlay-Round-8-300x300 adventure games team buildingIf you want to give your Connecticut business a leading edge, consider team building activities. These activities will help your staff work at a more efficient pace, will boost productivity and will even help to improve workplace morale. At AdVenture Games Team Building, you will find a number of different team building games and activities that your Hartford team can engage in.

If you’re looking for one of the most popular Hartford team building games, consider SpyGame. In this game, the boss is kidnapped and the team has to work together to rescue you through a series of unique challenges. This creative adventure game will help to teach your team communication, teamwork, time management and problem-solving skills.

Team Building for Smart Leadership

For a different approach, consider Office Escape, an escape room team building activity, which is brought directly to a meeting room such as your own. All you have to do is tell your staff that they need to attend a one-hour motivational speaking session, and next thing they know they’ll be attending a 60-minute puzzle solving session. This game teaches time management, problem-solving, team work, leadership and communication.

AdVenture Games Challenge will also challenge your team in local parks such as Bushell Park or Talcott Mountain State Park. During this team building activity, we will challenge your team’s skills by questioning them on their business savvy, creativity and tech knowledge. It is possible for AdVenture Games Team Building to custom tailor this adventure game to suit the specific business or industry that you are in so the possibilities are truly endless with this one.


When you are looking for new ways to inspire your Hartford staff, contact us at AdVenture Games Team Building so that you can learn more about our expansive array of team building games for your Connecticut business and to get a custom quote.

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