The Difference Between Team Building & Team Bonding

Posted September 21, 2017

The Difference Between Team Building & Team Bonding

While it is true in order to build a team, you must first form strong bonds. Similar to that of atoms, the building block of everything, this bond building makes each atom unique and special. Your work environment is where you and your team are building every day however. This includes the organization of the team and when it is formed, performed and changed. While bonding is important, team building is where all the solid foundation work is done. Without it, a team won’t be as productive or efficient as it possibly could be. Productivity means more work done equating to more money earned for any business, no matter the industry.

Team Building is a Critical Part of Team Bonding

Team building is most successful in a stress-free and relaxed atmosphere. This is where team members will feel more likely to break the ice and form relationships that help the bonding experience. Team bonding can be difficult within the workplace because of demanding tasks or deadlines, however team building can be achieved through a series of activities that facilitate communication, strategic thinking and time-management skills.

Team building acknowledges the strengths of a team and organizes it in such a way that allows the team member to function better overall. Team building activities help individuals to learn how to work together and respect the responsibilities of every worker. It also helps deal with conflict resolution. Team building is better because it has long-lasting benefits and goes deeper to the core of how a team works together. It can look at behaviors and change them according to the needs of the team and how they are affecting overall performance.

What Team Building Can Do For You

AdVenture Games, Inc. offers a series of team building games and activities that are tailored to different types of groups. Since 2005, we have offered businesses similar to yours customized personal experiences that teach your team real-time lessons. We host fun and energized team building activities with flair.

Anyone who participates in our team building games will learn lessons that benefit your business. Each game is unique to your needs. We have starter activities such as SpyGame that is focused on team work and problem solving as well as National Treasure, which is focused on time management. Both of these games and all of our other team building activities will benefit your team in ways that make the team work better together and be more productive while doing so.

If your team needs to work on improving performance or developing stronger connection then team building is what you need. We at AdVenture Games, Inc. would love to help you to achieve exactly that. These experiences are investments into your business as they will allow your team to work more efficiently meaning more money for your bottom line. Our team building games and activities are designed to offer you the valuable information that you need to make your business more successful. Call our professional team building experts today at 760-444-0515 to begin planning today. Let’s make your business as efficient and productive as possible together!