Get our new iPhone app – National Treasure and begin exploring!

Posted April 1, 2017

Explore Your Favorite City With Our New iPhone App, National Treasure

When you’re looking for innovative ways to bring your team together, opt for a team building game from AdVenture Games, Inc. Since 2005, we have helped businesses all over to improve the way their team works together. These team building activities help boost morale, increase productivity and increase performance overall. One great example of this is with National Treasure.

This puzzle-solving adventure has your team using problem-solving and communication skills to complete a series of tasks. With our new iPhone app, team members explore your city and complete challenges to earn points. During the team building game, teams use the app to begin their journey. They have 90 minutes total to locate their missing treasure.

This is a fast-paced race against the clocks that has teams cracking codes, solving riddles and most importantly, finding the treasure (hopefully) before time expires. Their score is accumulated by how quick the tasks are completed overall. Each clue they acquire leads their team to a new location to continue their adventure toward the national treasure.

National Treasure uses team work to create a challenging yet fun adventure for your employees. Your team will learn how important it is to communicate together to complete tasks, something that can benefit them throughout their work together. This team building activity can accommodate up to 100 people and does require some moderate walking. While it isn’t customizable like other of our team building games, it still teaches valuable real-time lessons.

Ultimately, we are ready and willing to help you create a team building experience that will benefit you and your staff the most. We have countless years of experience giving businesses much like yours the results that you’ve been looking for. Call our expert team building team today to get started at 760-444-0515.