Hidden benefits of team building activities

Posted February 12, 2020
Hidden benefits of team building activities

It’s no secret that team building activities leave a positive impact on your organization. You probably already know that a successful team building activity can improve productivity and motivate employees. Of course, improving productivity is one of the most common goals leaders expect from taking part in these activities. Team building activities are beneficial in other ways too. For instance, they help encourage employees to communicate better, reinforces positivity in the workplace, and provides value to your company culture — all great things!

However, what are some hidden benefits of team building activities? Check out some of these other benefits associated with team-building exercises and gain some insight into why it’s a good idea to invest in team-building activities.

Creativity. Let’s face it. Even the star employee can get into a rut. That’s what happens during a daily routine. It’s not a bad thing. However, a new perspective can bring unique insight into specific challenges at work. A great way to combat this is to try something new. A creative activity gets employees out of their routine. A game like Street Smarts engages creativity by getting teammates to try ridiculous stunts and forces them (in a fun way!) out of their comfort zone.

Creates and Identifies Leaders. Team building activities are an excellent way for upper management to discover hidden talents in their employees. Sometimes you just don’t realize the strengths of other employees. Which, in turn, may inhibit some excellent prospects from advancing within the company. Try a game such as SpyGame, one of the best leadership and activity workshops you’ll find. This game involves strategic planning, time management skills, active listening, and encourages collaboration while being under pressure. It’s a great gauge to find out who has the muster to step up into a leadership role!

Ignites the office vibe! Company culture gets a nice boost of positivity and energy during and after a team-building activity. Company culture is a vital part of any workplace, and what better way to get people pumped than with a fun activity. Send out reminders to build up some excitement. A fast and furious game like Minute Wars is a fun way to energize any size office. Plus, it builds up communication skills, quick decision making, and other must-have benefits in the workplace.

Create an open-door policy. It’s incredible how unapproachable and intimidating some managers can be to their employees. Even the best managers can be guilty of this. Instead, encourage an open door policy. Team building exercises can open those closed doors by making the manager more approachable. A game such as National Treasure supports interpersonal communication skills and is all about synergy! Managers can also take notice of employees’ individual strengths.

Mingling with co-workers. Your co-workers are your work family. Sure, it may be dysfunctional at times, especially in a larger organization where other departments don’t usually work together. Team building activities allow different departments to mix and mingle. It’s a great way to learn about others’ roles and an excellent way to bond and build company culture. You can create the teams beforehand and allow team leaders to Build Their Own Adventure.

Make team building activities a priority. They’re a great way to tap into hidden talents and much more. When you build trust and a strong company culture, you’ll have the organization you’ve always wanted. AdVenture Games, Inc. is ready to help you get started on the rewarding experiences that team building activities provide.