Christmas Parties and Team-Building Days

Posted December 12, 2019

Christmas office parties can be the perfect time to bring back memories of some of the team-building days employees have shared. It’s also a great setting where your co-workers will thank you for getting them involved and enabling them to tap into talents they may not have thought they had. Besides team-building activities, holiday parties are one of the few times of the year when co-workers gather around, drink, eat, and get to let loose a little (though you have to be careful not to get too crazy!).

Share Laughs and Brag 

It’s during Christmas parties when you hear the clatter of the year’s events, including team-building activities. People love to share laughter and brag about how they were able to race against the clock to rescue a hostage, like in the exhilarating SpyGame. Or, how about the time the team got together and started an 80’s metal hair band. They’ll laugh about the times they had choreographing their lip-syncing routine, teased their hair, and created a fascinating story on how they formed the band. Yes, Making the Band was indeed one for the books!

What else can you do to help make Christmas parties a team-building experience? Check out these awesome team building ideas that can bring some of that Christmas festive spirit to the office. Best of all, these activities are fun and sure to uplift the team spirit vibe.

Give back with social work. You want to make people feel good? Volunteer at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen. Not everyone gets to enjoy a beautiful warm home or office during Christmas, count your blessings. Get the team together and pick a cause and a time to help others.

Secret Santa and White Elephant gifts. Ok, it’s kind of cheesy, but people love it. Who doesn’t like fighting for a gift that isn’t cheesy to them? Heck, some people like corny stuff. Besides all that, this is one Office Christmas party activity that bonds co-workers.

Bring your kids to the office party. Have the kids met? Sure, you might have your holiday party in a bar, so kids might not be able to come. But, if you host a party in your office or a kid-friendly environment, this can be an excellent time to bring the kids to work. It’s casual, fun, and there are sweet treats. This is also a time when those co-workers that like to complain about others’ leaving work early to attend the kid’s play or event can see just how hard it can be to rustle up the kids.

Decorate the office. Get that list going! Get some co-workers to volunteer and decorate the office in Christmas cheer. This is also a time to pick out a Christmas tree, unless, of course, you prefer an artificial one. Either way, you can have co-workers bring in ornaments or even get the team together to take a group picture to hang near the tree.

Make this a team-building activity day! Whether you’re arranging a team-building activity with AdVenture Games, Inc. or bringing in your games, everybody can get involved with a games day. If you don’t have the time or resources for a team-building activity from AdVenture Games, Inc., you can do something else. Bring in a PlayStation or an Xbox. If you have a Wii gaming system, bring that in, because those are better for group games. How about Monopoly? Or a game of Twister? No matter what games you choose, people are sure to share some laughs and forget about the stresses of work, for at least a few hours!