How Ice Breakers Help Team Building

Posted January 7, 2017

How Ice Breakers Can Help Team Building

We understand how difficult it can be to both motivate and encourage your employees after the Holiday Season. Here are some of our favorite tips and ice breaker ideas to help inspire productivity and boost morale in your workplace. Ultimately, ice breakers can give your team an edge. When it comes to building your team, it may be difficult to get your employees talking about the issues that matter most to you. Try these ice breaker games and activities to get the conversation going.


During this ice breaker, the leader of the group should be knowledgeable at your particular selling structure. Have the team come up with the same structure by creating an acronym from a short, but random word. Make the activity challenging by making the acronym longer with each round. This will allow your team to continue to work together with their problem-solving skills and creativity to complete the challenge together.

Desert Island

The leader of the group will announce to the group that they are exiled on an island for a year’s time. They will only be allowed one piece of music, one luxury iteam and one book to leave the island. This will teach the team members about each other’s interests and tastes as well as work together to find a way to survive (which is a real-time lesson by surviving their workload).


Have all the team members fill out something about themselves. The team leader shuffles the card and hands them out. The first person will read the information about someone else while the team determines which team member they are talking about. Choose a time limit. Continue until all the cards are read. This is a great ice breaker activity when introducing new members into an existing close-knit team.


This is a great ice breaker for those in the food industry or retail market. The first player starts the activity by saying that they bought something from the store that starts with A. The next player repeats that item and adds an item with a B. The activity continues until all team players have completed the task. Ultimately these are just some of the many helpful ice breakers you can use in your workplace.

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