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This just in: the US Geological Commission is sending out a search party to find the lost National Treasure. Finding this priceless artifact is going to take determination, communication and puzzle-solving skills under a strict timeline. Set in a historic tourist location, this team-building experience will test and build participants’ skills at communication, leadership, problem-solving, and thinking outside the box as they race against the clock to locate the treasure.

IMG_1555-577x1024 adventure games team buildingHow does it work?

National Treasure is powered by our original built-from-scratch AdVenture Games iPhone app. To begin your hunt, you and your team are greeted by our AdVenture Games “anthropologist” who ensures proper functionality of our app.

Each game is based on true stories set in historical locations.  Once your game is initiated, you have 90 minutes to locate a missing treasure.  What follows is a fast-pace race against the clock to earn points as you crack codes, solve riddles and find the treasure before the time is up.  Clues are presented in the virtual world on the app as your team works together to decipher puzzles and codes on landmarks in the physical world.  You are scored based on how quickly you can unlock the puzzle at each location.

Each clue leads your team to a new location as the story unfolds.  After each puzzle is solved, your team takes a celebratory photo and collects a token that will assist in unlocking the treasure.  Finding the treasure is not as easy as it may seem.  It requires teamwork and cooperation, and most importantly communication.  Does your team have what it takes to find the National Treasure?NationalTreasureGroup adventure games team building

How your team benefits

National Treasure  uses  the science  of  synergy to  engage  teamwork, communication and problem solving skills in a fun, mentally stimulating adventure.   Participants  must learn  the importance of communication as they work together and discover real-time lessons in the challenges and benefits of collaborating under pressure. Finally, participants experience the value of time management:  Don’t panic!  When teams are given a deadline, they tend to kick into gear at the midpoint of the timeline.  A sluggish start can still mean a victorious finale for your team as they develop balance and synergy during the game.

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  • TIME: 90 minutes
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 2 – 100
  • PHYSICAL NEEDS: Moderate Walking
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Not Applicable

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