Office Escape: Turn your office into an AdVenture

Posted April 14, 2017

Office Escape: The Trend of Room Escapes Comes Right To You, Turning Your Office Into Adventure

As a business owner, it can be hard to find creative ways to inspire your staff. It also can be difficult to fit these team building activities into your already busy schedule. However, with the help of AdVenture Games, Inc., you can create a fun and life-changing team building game that allows you to stay right in your office. Team building games increase productivity, improve performance and boost morale in any type of workplace. All us at AdVenture Games, Inc. to customize an experience that will teach your staff real-time lessons that address the issues you specifically have.

With Office Escape, the game is great for those with a time limitation. This team building activity is just 60 minutes and has your staff thinking they are attending a motivational seminar. When they get there, they are locked in a room and must complete a series of challenges in order to escape. They must use critical thinking, problem solving, communication and leadership skills to succeed at this game.

The team will learn that somewhere in that room is the key to escaping essentially. There is a countdown clock that counts down and makes the staff work together to make a plan that works before time runs out. Each time that a puzzle is solved, they are given another clue that leads them closer to escaping. The best success with this game comes from communication and being able to work well in a pressurized situation. There are both powerful lessons for your staff to learn with this team building activity.

Ultimately, Office Escape creates a mentally-stimulating atmosphere that inspires staffs, no matter their size. This experience is best for smaller teams with 15 or less team members. When your team is given a deadline, they must work together to get things done together, something they should be doing on a daily basis. In order to schedule a team building experience for you, call our staff today at 760-444-0515.