Fun Halloween Office Party Ideas

Posted September 29, 2017

Fun Halloween Office Party Ideas

As a business owner, it can be difficult to come up with creative ways to inspire your staff and show you appreciate them. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to brainstorm some great fun office party ideas. Why not use this time to create a fun and life-changing team building activity that allows your team to learn valuable real-time lessons? Team building games help improve performance, boost morale and can also increase productivity.

AdVenture Games, Inc. has years of experience customizing experiences that teach staffs from all different types of industries these helpful lessons. Here are two of our biggest suggestions for fun Halloween office party ideas this year.

Office Escape

This is especially great for those with time limitations as you just need one hour to get some valuable team building time in. Your staff will think they are attending a motivational seminar, however when they get there, they are locked in a room. They must complete a series of challenges to escape. This team building activity utilizes problem solving, communication, leadership skills and critical thinking.

There is a countdown clock that will count down the time while the staff works together to devise a plan that hopefully works before time expires. Each time that a puzzle is solved, they are given a new clue that leads them closer to succeeding. The best success with this team building games comes from communication and working well under pressure, two valuable lessons to learn. Office Escape creates a mentally-stimulating experience that inspires staffs of all sizes. It is best for smaller teams with 15 or less, just as it may be difficult for a large staff to work together and be able to comfortably move about a small room.


Spy Game

We at Adventure Games, Inc. understand how hard it can be to achieve the right balance with your team. This team building activity has your team working together, organizing and strategizing in order to succeed. The boss is kidnapped and taken hostage and they must work together to recover them. The team is split up into separate teams where they can decide which tasks to accomplish and in what order. We do not give a set route for this activity in any way, so you can sit back and watch how your teams work together under pressure (a real life lesson). We can successfully tailor this experience to fit the needs you have and what things you want to address specifically with your staff members.

In order for teams to succeed with this team building game, they must work together on mental and physical challenges and to find the mole in their group. Poor communication and/or bad planning can lead them to failing to complete the tasks needed to succeed. The team with the most points at the end of the activity can save the boss.

Ultimately, SpyGame is great at teaching problem solving, creativity, strategic planning, time management and communication. In just 3 hours, up to 500 participants can embark on this high-energy team building experience with our professional team.

Allow our expert team building team to show you what team building is all about. We can customize a team building experience for you and your staff just in time for Halloween. To begin planning this valuable experience, call us at 760-444-0515.