Team Building in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah

Posted October 12, 2017

Team Building in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah

When you’re looking for fun and innovative ways to inspire your Utah staff, look to AdVenture Games, Inc. We offer a broad range of team building games and activities that help boost company morale, productivity and increase performance for any business, no matter the industry or size. Our smart, creative staff is experienced with creating customized team building activities that keep your staff as efficient as possible. We will work directly with your Utah staff to create a tailored team building experience that highlights key points you’re looking to work on.


For a low-key starter team building activity, try SpyGame. This game includes the boss getting kidnapped and the team working together on a series of tasks to recover them. This is great for a business that is integrating old staff members with new team members. It tests teamwork, communication skills and strategic planning all in one activity.

National Treasure

For something faster paced, try National Treasure. This team building experience has your staff split up into teams. Each team downloads the course map on their smart phone and works on completing a variety of challenges. Points are earned as tasks are completed. This activity is great as it has your team members working together to determine priority tasks and to complete everything at hand, something very realistic to the workplace itself.

Camp Basics

This team building game is great for teams that are super active. Your team of co- workers is dropped into the wild (think Antelope Island State Park or Rockport State Park). The theme is customized to your needs. This summer camp inspired events teaches your staff problem solving, strategy building and team work. The host will break up your staff into different teams. Each team must choose a leader and come up with a team name. They are given a bag of materials to make a team flag out of. An opening ceremony starts after all the flags are made.

The teams rotate through a series of challenges, both mental and physical. After all the challenges are completed, the host announces which teams earned the most points and who will compete in the final obstacle court. The winning team is the one with their flag left standing at the end of this fun, exhilarating team building challenge. Camp Basics helps your staff with time management, creativity, communication and problem solving.

Benefits of Utah Team Building Activities

Ultimately, the real-time lessons learned during team building games help your staff to learn how to work together under pressure. At AdVenture Games, Inc, we have created these helpful activities for staffs since 2005. We can tailor an activity that suits the needs of any business. Our team building games motivate and inspire staffs to work hard and be successful together. We have a variety of fun and creative experience in store for you. We work with a variety of different types of businesses and staffs of all sizes. We can work with any size budget to create a custom team building experience that yields the results you’re looking for. To learn more about our team building games and what they can do for your Utah business, call our professional team at 760-444- 0515 today. We can’t wait to start planning with you!