Elevate Your Remote Workers – Team Building with Virtual Online Games

Posted April 29, 2020

With so many teams working remotely and social distancing becoming the new normal, it’s more important than ever to keep your valued employees motivated and energized. Smart leaders already know that team building is a sure-fire way to inspire and keep employees productive. And during these unprecedented times, team building is needed now more than ever. Traditionally, team building games involved lots of physical and social interaction, so how does that translate to today’s “new normal” requirements in regards to social distancing? We’ve got an answer! Remote team building activities!

Elevate video conference meetings!

At AdVenture Games, Inc., we’ve created remote and virtual versions of some of our most innovative, fun, and interactive games. These virtual/online games provide the spark that organizations are looking for. You can keep your smart and savvy remote teams thriving, no matter where they’re workspace may be. Read about the new remote editions of our innovative team building games and prepare to take video conferencing to new heights!

Industry Innovations

It’s time for a little friendly competition. You can think of this online-hosted, fast-paced game as a mix of The Apprentice meets Shark Tank. While working remotely, teams face a challenge or a unique creative project to complete in an allotted time. Participants are design teams that must navigate their way through a series of timed workshops, which happen to be hosted by a panel of advisors. Industry Innovations is the perfect game to kickstart the creative process. It encourages product development, oral presentations, target marketing, creative problem solving, and interpersonal communications. And while only one design team will be crowned the Industry Innovations champion, in the end, everyone is a winner.

Street Smarts

Street Smarts Remote edition is a high-energy, interactive, online-hosted reality show-style competition. Your remote teams come together online so that they can meet face-to-face to star in their very own reality show competition. It’s time to get silly and creative, which during this unprecedented time, is also a great way to reduce stress. The host will challenge teams to perform a series of at-home stunts, with a bit of trivia thrown in too. This friendly competition encourages teammates to take smart risks while upping their skills. These exercises test team smarts with engaged creativity, decision-making, problem-solving, time-management, and risk assessment tasks. Yes, remote teams can step out of their comfort zone, even when working at home in a pair comfy sweatpants!

Situation Room

Video conference meetings, we’re all doing it, yet this time there’s a twist. It starts as a video conference meeting with the team, but then, it’s quickly hijacked by an anonymous group! Teams have just 90 minutes to restore order before the anons take over the company. This fast-paced game is a lot like the classic choose-your-own-adventure games, except this time, the adventure is played out in a virtual setting. Remote teams are sure to get a kick out of solving the case, and it’s sure to boost morale and enhance productivity. Through the power of play, remote teams sharpen their collective wits and observation skills, data recollection, time management, quick problem solving, and individual and team-think skills.

Our Situation Room game is built to ensure your team can think outside the box–and inside the team, all while collaborating under pressure. This adventure is not just a race against the clock, it’s a fast-paced, virtual adventure, that encourages collaboration under pressure while connecting team members through the power of play.

AdVenture Games, Inc. is here to help keep the team momentum operating on all cylinders. You can still build team comradery while working remotely. Break up the monotony and keep your remote teams feeling positive and staying productive, playing our remote team building games!

Get ready to boost morale and enhance productivity!

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