Are you looking for the most innovative virtual team building activity for your remote team?  Are you ready to enhance your team communication and help your coworkers stay connected all while having fun together?

If you answered YES! YES! then look no further!  The game creators at AdVenture Games Inc. have raised the bar to the remote & virtual game experience

Whether it’s unmasking a crime syndicate, searching out a lost treasure, competing in a slapstick game show, or designing the next best innovative concept, our original and engaging programs provide the perfect solution for an effective remote team building activity for your smart and savvy team.

We invite you to learn more about our remote & virtual games!

Our #1 Leadership Activity & Workshop!

We abruptly interrupt your online meeting to reveal that a “situation” has occurred, and a high stakes mission is being convened to address it. What follows is an action-packed game of espionage that takes place virtually in breakout rooms with the use of professional actors. The SpyGame will test – and build – participants’ skills at strategizing, communicating, and thinking on their feet, as they race against the clock to rescue a hostage, root out a mole, and take down a notorious crime syndicate.

The Next Level Escape Room Experience!

The Situation Room is a scenario-based, escape room-style interactive movie.  Masked as a live webinar in a perfectly crafted prank, the game encourages participants to develop their listening skills as they decode and interpret not just verbal messages, but non-verbal cues as well. Using our original patented technology, The Situation Room leverages a choose-your-own-adventure structure with a room-escape format and is littered with verbal and visual clues and puzzles.  



Hilarious Remote Teamwork and Creativity Competition!

Street Smarts Remote Edition is a high-energy, interactive online-hosted reality show-style competition, in which teams compete in a series of at home-based stunts, challenges, and trivia. Participants will build camaraderie, hone their strategic thinking skills, and practice friendly competition. Get ready to cut loose and win big in your living room, with your coworkers!



Remote Office Party Extravaganza!

Office Party is an interactive virtual event, tailor made for you and your team, and hosted by the dazzling talent at AdVenture Games Inc!  Featuring a menu of hand selected party games and a lesson from a mixologist, you are guaranteed to get in the spirit with this festive-packed event full of excitement and fun!


Mastery of Excellence at its Finest!

Industry Innovations Remote Edition is The Apprentice meets Shark Tank: an online-hosted fast-paced game that has teams racing against the clock—and each other—to build products, create presentations, and problem-solve their way through challenges, while working together remotely. At each turn, teams are presented a unique creative project or challenge that must be accomplished in the allotted time.  At the conclusion, they present all their handiwork to the voting panel and their peers to receive a score based solely on merit and outstanding presentation!


TV Game Show Extravaganza!

The Game Closet is a 30-minute interactive session where you play one of your favorite games from our virtual closet based on beloved American Game Shows and Board Games to break the ice with a “game night” flair!  Chose any one of the 7 games out of the closet, or combine to create a Game Closet Party Pack, and get ready for your team to play together with your live host in building camaraderie and laughs.

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