Best Team Building Activities for 2020: Using Daily Tech Devices

Posted December 30, 2019
Best Team Building Activities for 2020: Using Daily Tech Devices

Did you know that there’s a National Day of Unplugging? It’s true. On the first Friday of March, people are supposed to unplug from their technological devices for 24 hours, from sundown to sundown. No checking your Facebook, posting on Instagram, no doing anything that has to do with technology. But let’s face it, using day to day technologies at work is something we can’t really get away from these days. Luckily, we can still play team building activities without technological devices. However, some of the best team building activities involve cell phones and our other day to day tech devices.

With the New Year coming up, we’ve compiled some of the best team building activities for 2020 that involve using cell phones and other techy things. These team-building activities will enable you to use your smartphones for positive results!

National Treasure. This is an urban puzzle-solving adventure co-workers will love! Using the Adventure Games app, you’ll be guided to landmarks to collect points. With each place you visit, you’ll unlock valuable clues! Your cell phone reveals mysterious treasures that no one else can see. You’ll be using your phones to communicate with your teammates, so comradery, problem-solving, and communication skills are a must. The goal is to locate a historic locale. Take a picture to prove it and for bragging rights!

AGI Challenge. Get out of the office and into the fresh air with this super fun team competition that utilizes your cell phone. The Adventure Games, Inc powers this game with a GPS map. You’ll use this GPS map on your phone to plot your course to find and explore exciting destinations. Use your cell phones to take hilarious pictures while you’re at it, too! How creative can you be? Let your hair down and get crazy! Take on additional mental and physical challenges to get as many points as you can! The better you perform, the more points you get! This a popular and customizable game that can turn co-workers into office stars!

SpyGame. Here is a great strategy and leadership game that allows you to utilize your cell phones to conquer the game. This action-packed game will test and build upon the participants’ strategizing, cooperation, and quick thinking skills. Your boss has been taken hostage, so what is the team going to do? You’ve got to find your boss! You’ll use cell phones to take photos and use your smartphones to strategize and locate your boss. Communicate with your team by chatting on the phone. With a lot of TRUST, the mystery will be unraveled, so the hostage, your boss, can be saved on time — you’ve only got 90 minutes to make it happen!

Situation Room. In this mystery adventure, a video conference is involved, so there’s definitely going to be some tech devices in use. This game consists of the hijacking of a workplace meeting by the Anon, and they’ve taken over the company’s data right before your eyes. This team-building activity gets people to use their observation skills, data recollection, time management, swift problem solving, and individual and team-think skills. And, unlike unplug day, you can use your tech devices to restore data and order. FUN!

Ring in the new decade with a positive mindset! What new devices are in store in the future? Will they become a part of the next Adventure Games, Inc. team building activities? Keep up with the latest in team building and leadership workshops at Adventure Games, Inc. to find out!