More Than Meets The Eye!

Just as your team has settled in for a video conference on workplace safety, chaos ensues! Anons have accosted the presenting consultant and hijacked your company’s data right before your eyes! Your team must think quick–they’ve only got 90 minutes to restore both data and order!

TSRLibrary-300x300 adventure games team building

SITUATION ROOM is a first-of-its kind, scenario-based interactive movie that forces participants to develop their listening skills as they decode and interpret not just verbal messages, but non-verbal cues as well.

Team Benefits

SITUATION ROOM is not just a race against the clock, it’s a fast-paced, virtual choose-your-own adventure, that encourages collaboration under pressure while connecting team members through the power of play.  The game engages: 

Observation skills

Data recollection

Time management

Swift problem solving

Individual and team-think

The Setup

Coworkers are told that to expect a workplace safety webinar.  But in reality it’s a perfectly crafted prank.  Once the video conference begins, you quickly learn you’ve been targeted by members of the Anonymous hacktivist group donning not just masks, but malicious intent. You soon find out that all your company’s data has been hijacked and the lead detective needs your team’s help to recover it–right now!

As the investigation forges ahead, all your team has to work with is a pair of seasoned detectives and their collective wits, impulse and observation skills.

Your team must be primed for discovery as the detectives lead them through the events leading up to the crime scene with multiple suspect interviews.  Be forewarned, the burden of success lies on your team’s ability to make sound decisions within the twists and turns of the Situation Room.

The Situation Room is a mystery adventure for the mind.  It is designed to provide opportunity for observation, insight, and intuition–all in a fun team environment.

Hijack your meeting and enhance productivity!

  • TIME: 90 Minutes
  • # OF PARTICIPANTS: 2 – 5000
  • CHARITY COMPONENT: Not Applicable