Good Behavior and Community Spirit at the Office

Posted January 15, 2020
Good Behavior and Community Spirit at the Office

Whether you’re opening the door for a stranger or organizing team members at the office so that they can become more involved with the local community, it feels good to do good. Let’s face it; positivity breeds positive outcomes. Great team leaders can encourage their teammates and even their fellow building occupants to embrace good behavior and community spirit. You can carry on this spirit daily, and watch the goodness spread like a domino effect through your local community and office building.

There’s no doubt that a good attitude at the workplace enables people to work well together. When there’s a feeling of comradery and collaboration between the members of the workplace, good things happen — you build and maintain high-performing teams. How can you get your team to embrace community spirit? You could ask teammates to suggest volunteer work needed in the local community — there is always a need — and getting involved in these activities promotes a community. Plus, let’s face it, getting your organization involved with the local community is good PR anyway you look at it!

Simple Ways to Build Community Spirit at the Office

  • Use your company social media pages to advertise community events. Encourage co-workers to post on the social media page
  • Host an event that can bring everyone in the building together, including other organizations that share the building
  • Create a community goal and keep it focused
  • Encourage involvement from teammates and building tenants
  • Strengthen the community brand to make those involved proud to be involved
  • Eat together as a team – have a friendly lunchroom space or organize a team lunch. These are a great way to build positive relationships and gives team members a chance to get to know each other better on a social level
  • Create an energetic workshop to encourage team spirit
  • Make positivity and sharing praise and feedback a part of the daily routine. You can use internal emails to share appreciation in a public way with co-workers
  • Make everyone feel special. Being inclusive is an excellent way to build community spirit at the office
  • Team-building events. That’s right. You can’t forget about team-building activities. These are some of the best ways to build up community spirit. Plus, with Adventure Games, Inc., you can use the activity as a charity event, too.

Behavioral Traits Every Good Team Member Should Possess

  • Be courteous to others and treat them respectfully
  • Follow the rules, policies, and procedures to build trust amongst your teammates
  • Admit when you’re wrong
  • Be a good listener – this applies to both management and team members
  • Recognize and value diverse backgrounds
  • Keep an open mind with regards to others’ opinions
  • Behave professionally when you’re in the office and in the building. Of course, what you do after work is your own business. However, employing these tactics into your daily work routine can also seep into your normal after-work lifestyle

Encouraging good behavior and community spirit is an excellent way to keep your employees happy and working for the organization. Put these tips to use and witness the good that comes out of these actions. Elevate your organization’s team spirit with team-building activities from AdVenture Games, Inc. We can customize these events to suit your organization’s needs. Start the new year on a positive note to keep the good vibes flowing all year long and into the next!