Hilarious Happy Hour Competition!

Become what legends are made of as you and your friends & family come together online, face-to-face, to star in your very own reality show competition!  Get ready to be challenged by your host to perform a series of at-home stunts and trivia. Each team racks up points by completing challenges all while working to outwit and outdo one another in outrageousness.

STREET SMARTS: HAPPY HOUR is a high-energy, interactive reality show-style competition hosted through Zoom and powered by our original AdVenture Games App, that has you facing-off performing stunts and challenges that take a page from your favorite television show competitions.

How it works

You and your friends download the App and join your host in your private Zoom session.  There you are presented the rules and instructions on how to play before the hilarity begins.  (Cocktails are recommended.)  This will be a happy hour you will never forget!

SuperHero-300x300 adventure games team buildingActivities range from straightforward trivia to ridiculous stunts and wagers all designed to ensure that you and your friends & family become part of a chaotic online spectacle. To keep things interesting, we’ve thrown in some wild card challenges to really test your creativity and ensure you’re giving it all you’ve got!

Risk vs. Reward

Teams will be faced with the ultimate game-altering question: Do they risk everything they have earned on this final challenge for a big pay off, or do they play it safe? The final challenge can turn leaders into losers and last place teams into winners!

Street Smarts: Happy Hour is the ultimate challenge of creativity thinking on your feet and allowing your inner weirdo to shine. Players must step outside their comfort zone and forego the fear of judgment if they aim to win this challenge.

Test your street smarts while under the influence of (enter your answer here) with some much-needed LOLs while you connect together virtually today!

  • TIME: 60 Minutes
  • TEAM SIZE: 1 – 10 people
  • NUMBER OF TEAMS:  Up to 6
  • AGE LEVEL: 18 years old and up
  • TECH REQUIREMENTS: Zoom & Mobile App download

  • $45 per person up to 20 people
  • $35 per person over 21 people
  • 6 person minimum for private game