Rules of a Good Followership

Posted September 13, 2019

It seems like there’s a big emphasis on developing leadership qualities. However, what about the art of followership? Let’s face it. No matter how big or small the business, there are more followers than leaders. Of course, it’s easy to see why leadership qualities are always such a hot topic. After all, when you’re a great team leader, everyone in the company benefits.

Genuinely great team leaders inspire others. The thing is, sometimes, the person who was leading one project may be a follower in another. So, there’s no doubt that the influence of great team leaders spreads throughout the entire company. The things is, you don’t just become a great team leader overnight. In fact, many of today’s top team leaders were once good followers too. And, let’s face it, without good followers, even the best thought out plan created by the leader won’t ever come to fruition.

Followers play a vital role in any company. So, how do you become a good follower? Here are basic rules of a good followership.

The Basic Rules of a Good Followership (In No Particular Order)

Many individuals in the company strive to move up the chain to achieve a leadership position. Of course, not everyone wants to be a leader, which is one of the reasons why being a good follower is so essential. Many of the same qualities that make a good follower, also apply to leadership. The five skills and qualities that good followers and leaders share include motivation, courage, service, a strong work ethic, and dedication. Another thing to consider. Good followership can often shape their managers to be an even better leader.

Support your boss, don’t undermine. Let’s face it. Bosses are people too. Bosses may not always make decisions or make policies that you agree to. However, remember, loyalty is an integral part of any successful company. It’s good to remember that we should allow people with more wisdom, tools, and skills to show us the way.

You can disagree with your boss, but do it in private. Of course, in the right circumstance, a good follower will also have the courage to alert the leader when something the leader is doing is wrong. So, leaders, it pays to develop and nurture an open line of communication. A good follower will want to avoid any embarrassing situation and will never reveal the discussion to others.

What is the mission and objectives of the team? The purpose and the aim of the team effects everyone, understand this, and you can save time, energy, and keep things flowing positively. Step up and make decisions, and of course, be sure to run it past the boss.

Accept responsibility. Did you make a mistake? It’s ok, after all, no one is perfect. Accept responsibility.

Fix problems when you see them. See a problem? Fix it! It’s not about the blame game or the praise game. It’s about remedying a problem.

Be prepared and do your homework. It’s always a good idea to be ready and have all the information your boss needs to make the right decision, quickly. Be prepared to answer any questions that might come up too.

Be honest: Lying never does any good. It can spread like an uncontrollable wildfire. Instead, tell the truth, especially when you know that the boss is going to be giving this advice up the chain of command.

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