Prioritizing Mental Health & Wellness at Work in 2022

Posted June 5, 2022
Team building in 2022

Prioritizing Mental Health & Wellness at Work in 2022

The pandemic, inflation, and conflicts at home and overseas can be difficult for people to deal with. As mental health issues in the workplace continue to rise, so does the need for companies to prioritize employee wellness.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has been the most traumatic event for most Americans. And now that many employees are returning to the office, there’s a need to confront employees’ mental health issues. The McKinsey Global Institute found that one of every three employees feels anxious and depressed about returning to the post-pandemic workplace.

Fortunately, companies can play a positive role in aiding employees’ mental health issues. There are mental health resources available, such as Employee Assistance Programs, which can support employees grappling with mental health. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in assisting those struggling with mental health issues.

Here are some mental health predictions for the workplace in 2022 and beyond:

There Will be a Greater Focus on Mental Health Support. Many workplace leaders are predicting businesses will focus on the effectiveness of mental health support and the ROI of how they approach it.

Mental Health Issues Will Continue. People will continue to be anxious and depressed as the pandemic lingers. Inflation and conflicts at home and abroad will add to many worries at the workplace.

Mental Health Stigma Will Fall. Leaders will still struggle to deal with employees’ mental health issues. But the stigma that some feel seems to be falling. That said, not everyone will be comfortable with discussing their mental health.

Improved Work/Life Balance. Working remotely is an enticing way to recruit and retain employees — it’s ranked second behind salary. A recent Ergotron survey of 1,000 full-time workers found that the flexibility to work from home and hybrid work environments has been beneficial to employees’ mental health and wellness. In fact, more than 88% of those surveyed found that working remotely has dramatically improved work satisfaction.

More Wellness Programs. Employees will start to see better access to a series of wellness programs, including having therapists available during a work schedule. Wellness programs such as team-building activities don’t just bring camaraderie between team members. They can also help employees relieve pent-up anxiety. Companies may start offering classes such as yoga and meditation to employees, which can aid and give employees time and space to evaluate their mental health.

Four Day Work Weeks. The need for more free time is paramount. Most employees crave downtime to spend with family and friends, so many companies are implementing four-day workweeks. Shorter workweeks give employees time to reflect and allow them more time for personal development. There’s no doubt that a four-day workweek contributes to employee satisfaction.

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