How to Celebrate 2022 Pride Month at the Workplace

Posted May 20, 2022
pride month for LGBQT

How to Celebrate 2022 Pride Month at the Workplace

There’s no doubt that the last couple of years have brought a lot of change in our workplaces. But the importance of diversity and inclusion at work hasn’t changed. Neither has the need to recognize the value of every member on your team. Since we’re talking about everyone at the workplace, let’s talk about how to celebrate your LGBTQ employees, whether they’re working remotely or at the office.

What is Pride Month? 

LGBTQ Pride Month takes place every June. It’s celebrated worldwide but got its start right here in America. It’s in June because that was the month of the Stonewall Riots when police in Manhattan clashed with LGBTQ protestors for six days. It’s a time to commemorate the moment and celebrate self-identity, inclusivity, and equality.

Anyone who’s ever been to a Pride Month parade, workshop, party, picnic, lecture, or concert knows how much fun they are. The great thing is that you don’t have to identify as LGBTQ; just be yourself. All are welcome! We shouldn’t have to tell you, but no one should be discriminated against at work due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Still, it exists.

So how can your organization celebrate Pride Month at work? Here are a few ways to do it.

Create Educational Opportunities

One of the best ways to promote inclusion at work is with education. Try hosting a diversity training session, which should be led by a professional, usually someone not a part of the organization. Hire a professional LGBT speaker who can empower and educate employees. The speaker can teach your employees when to use correct terms while at the same time making sure that LGBTQ employees are understood at work.

Donate to LGBTQ Charities

Donating to an LGBTQ+ charity is a meaningful action that companies can do to mark Pride Month. You can donate a lump sum or ask employees if they would like to contribute, and then the company can match the funds.

Decorate the Office or Zoom Background

We’ve all seen the colorful rainbow flags and banners, and the simple act of hanging them in your office celebrates Pride Month and increases employee morale. Plus, it adds vibrant color to the office!

Are you working remotely? Change your Zoom background! There is a wide range of options available to show your Pride. You can even update the company website in Pride Month colors. Best of all, it shows your employees that the office is a safe place to be.

Have a Pride Parade at the Office or Virtually

The pride parade is the heart of the celebration. If your teams are working at the office, organize a parade. Encourage the use of costumes. Those working remotely can record themselves strutting their stuff in the kitchen, yard, or right out front of their door. Either way, it’s a fun activity that can get employees more engaged while promoting the inclusivity and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.

Evaluate Your Anti-Discrimination Policy
When was the last time you evaluated your anti-discrimination policy? Everyone deserves to work in an environment that is safe, supportive, and inclusive, regardless of their identity.

Make Inclusion and Diversity Long-Term, Not Just for Pride

There are lots of ways to celebrate Pride Month 2022 at work. How about a positively fun and inspiring team-building event? AdVenture Games has you covered. Feel free to request a quote or call us at (866)587-2125 or (760)444-0515.