Office Workout Routines to Prepare You for Any Obstacle

Posted August 19, 2014

You never know when the need may arise for competitive, physical challenges against you and your coworkers. Bulk up stealthily without drawing too much attention to yourself with these easy exercises that can be executed under the guise of your daily tasks. Really, the best tool for success is surprise – be at the advantage with these sneaky strength builders!

– Staple Clenches
Hold the stapler in one hand, the base against your palm and the top inside your fingers. Staple together as many stacks of paper as humanly possible. Switch sides. Feel the forearm burn.

– Phone Weights
Take ordinary ankle weights and loop them around your phone receiver. Make every call an opportunity to bulk up those biceps!

– Chair Pose
Begin to sit down in your chair as normal, but remain hovering about an inch above the seat. Turn your thighs into pillars of steel without raising any suspicion or delaying any duties.

– Cart Dart
When passing a mail cart, dart in front of it and then out of the way. If multiple carts are approaching, weave between the using alternate leaping feet.

– Pencil Rolls
Place a pencil beneath each kneecap and lay face down on the floor. Pushing up with your hands, roll yourself back and forth over the pencils, until they reach the hips and back down to the knees again.

– Reverse Desk Lift
Extend arms behind you and bend them at a 90 degree angle to rest on the surface of a desk. Lower yourself with your legs straight out until shoulders are even with desk, then push back up.

– Elevator Wall Climbing
Using available holds and surfaces, scale the elevator walls horizontally without touching the floor.

– Peekaboo Calf Raise
Under the guise of spying on your neighbors, do an extra long tip-toe look over the top of your cubicle wall. Repeat 10 times or until calves burst through slacks.