Motivating Your Team for the New Year

Posted January 3, 2018

Motivating Your Team for the New Year with Goal Setting and Team Building

Setting meaningful goals for your business can help your employees be more productive and to perform more efficiently overall. Generally, people perform better when they are given goals to work toward and/or to achieve. This is a win-win for you a business owner or manager and your employees too. What better way to motivate your employees while focusing on achievable targets throughout 2018?

Successful Goal-Setting Tips

Goals should always align with the mission or vision of the company. For this to occur, there must be a well-defined mission in your company that both you the employer and your employees understand fully. Your employees will respond better to these goals if they participate in the process of creating them. Bottom line is that there should be an open dialogue between you and your staff during the goal-setting process. It’s important for employees to feel that they have a say, but it is also important for you to determine what is most important (at the time) for the company.

Think SMART. In the Human Resources industry, this acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Related. This is a great guide to use when setting goals with your staff for the year. Set specific goals, so your staff will know immediately once they have achieved it. For some goals, it may be easier to break up larger goals into smaller ones that can be achieved quarterly, monthly, weekly or even daily.

When it comes to goal-setting, set a system of recognition for those who are meeting their goals on the regular. This not only encourages your staff to succeed, but makes them feel appreciated, which will encourage them to work toward future goals too. Lastly, make sure that goals are in sight. Make a large chart or even dedicate an entire wall to the goals that staff are working on. Perhaps reward them with incentives along the way too to make them even more invested.

How Team Building Helps Motivate Your Staff in 2018

Team building is a helpful way to bring your team together. Team building has been proven to increase performance levels, improve productivity and to boost morale. These games and activities test your staff’s problem-solving skills, time management skills, communication, strategic thinking, communication, working under pressure and attitudes overall. These experiences are so much fun that your staff won’t even know they are being tested or taught valuable lessons that will help them to be better employees in the long term.

Team building games and activities can be conducted indoors or outdoors, at your facility or somewhere remote. A customized experience can be created that focuses on the issues that mean the most to you. You can hone in on skills you want your staff to improve upon while they are having fun working together on a common goal set forth in the game. Ultimately, this is similar to the goal setting you create for them in 2018. By creating an intentional environment that inspires and motivates your staff, your bottom line will benefit the most. Create an action plan that has your staff in mind.

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