How to Go from Virtual Halloween to Holiday Party

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  How to Go from Virtual Halloween to Holiday Party     Virtual parties are a great way to boost employee morale and strengthen team bonding during a pandemic. The word in the virtual office space is that they’ve been proving useful. So now that the spooky Halloween stuff is out of the way, it’s… Read more »

Client Spotlight: Five Acres

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    “The team at AGI is so good about encouraging teamwork, and encouraging communication. The feeling was organic.” Sometimes, you just need to get up, get outside, and do something. That’s exactly what the team at Five Acres in Altadena, CA was craving when they contacted AdVenture Games. For 130 years, Five Acres has… Read more »

Client Spotlight: Interrupt

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  “Work hard play hard all day everyday. We totally lived that out.”   Interrupt is a brand distillery that emphasizes insights, branding, engagement, and analysis to maximize a company’s potential. With their small, but powerfully creative team, stress is inevitable. So they sought out a team building program that was, “more than just a… Read more »

Client Spotlight: Acton Academy Placer

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      “We wanted a great way to kick off the inclusion of a high school program. Teens can take awhile to get comfortable with one and other (obviously), so we wanted to give them an opportunity to get past that, quickly.”   Acton Academy is gearing up for back to school season with… Read more »

9 Key Roles Essential for an Effective Team

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  When starting a project, it’s only natural to think about the team that you’ll need to bring your project from inception to completion. But how do you go about finding the lucky few to join you on your endeavor? Effective team building is a staple for any successful leader or organization. Not everybody works the… Read more »

Client Spotlight: Bankers Healthcare Group

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Bankers Healthcare Group     “Everyone truly enjoyed SpyGame. It wasn’t your average bowling or escape room.”   Bankers Healthcare Group was determined to bring their two departments together this summer, the issue was finding the best way to do so. They needed something challenging, yet built around teamwork, and getting out of the office… Read more »

6 Reasons Team Building is a MUST for Your Satellite Team

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    Today with the workforce moving toward being almost entirely digital, we find ourselves spread out, yet we still work together. Unfortunately, without a face-to-face interaction, conflicts may arise. This is why traditional team building activities are so important. Without the bonding experience created from participating in team building activities, employees can find themselves… Read more »

4 Key Benefits of Team Collaboration

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                      It’s not just a slogan, or a mantra. Collaboration really is the key to any company’s success in today’s business world.   But why?   Why is it so important to collaborate in world where specialization is becoming so prevalent in the workplace? Here… Read more »

5 Simple Ways to Maintain a Positive Work Environment

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5 Simple Ways to Maintain a Positive Work Environment   When it comes to a positive work environment, your business depends on a thriving space where productivity, efficiency and accuracy is valued. A positive attitude is something that has an effect beyond the surface. Studies have shown that having a genuine positive attitude makes your… Read more »

Why Traditional Team Building No Longer Motivates Teams

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Does Traditional Team Building Work?   For most employees, team building exercises and group problem-solving activities lift spirit and foster closer teams overall. However, for some, they can be seen in a sarcastic light, perhaps even nerve-racking or embarrassing situations that their employers might miss in hopes of bringing a team closer. The question is: Do they actually work? Here are… Read more »