5 Leadership Trends Shaping the Workplace in 2022

Posted April 30, 2022
leadership trends 2022

5 Leadership Trends Shaping the Workplace in 2022

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has dramatically altered the workplace. It’s a tight job market. The days led by fear are long gone, especially if companies want to keep their top employees. And as we slowly adapt to the new normal, it’s more important than ever for leaders and managers to adapt and evolve.

Here are a few trends in leadership that are shaping the workplace in 2022 and beyond.

Hybrid Work Schedules

Workers have gotten used to working remotely, and many companies have adapted by embracing hybrid schedules. In fact, according to a report from Harvard Business Review, more than 90% of employers plan to adopt a hybrid model; this is especially true for knowledge workers. Of course, leaders had to adapt. But the hybrid model has proven to be productive and, as a result, less employee turnover. Give the workers options, and your organization may see some positive results.

Embrace Diversity

It’s becoming increasingly clear how important it is for companies to build a strong culture as diverse as their employees and customers. Culturally and ethnically diverse companies have a better time recruiting new top talent and keeping them. When leaders start to build their teams to resemble their surroundings, they’ll reap the rewards. So, embrace diversity!

Leaders Need to Keep Learning

Let’s face it. Just because you’re a leader, it doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Stay humble and keep evolving. There’s always someone you know that you can learn from — be it a vendor, professional contact, or even employees you manage. It’s perfectly OK to admit mistakes and take them as a lesson learned. In fact, you may even want to seek feedback. And when your team members see your true self in action, your teams may be willing to take some risks.

Fully Engage with and Rebuild Your Team

After so many months of isolation, people are looking to connect with others now more than ever, both professionally and personally. It’s time for leaders to thoughtfully engage with their team members. Show empathy, give employees a purpose, be honest, and make decisions that can build team morale and culture. Team building activities are an excellent way to understand your employees better. These types of activities can motivate and inspire team members and develop a greater connection.

Create Opportunities for Professional Growth and Development

Leaders need to understand that employees can get stuck in a rut, especially if they’ve hit the ceiling. Most professionals start their careers lower on the ladder than they are now. But when there’s no more room to grow and develop, even your most faithful employees may turn towards the exit door. As a leader, you can meet one-on-one with employees and find out their career goals and aspirations. Make professional development a priority and watch how productive your employees can be.

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