The Pros of Good Communication in the Workplace

Posted May 9, 2022
effective ways to work as a team in 2022

The Pros of Good Communication in the Workplace

Good communication results in a happier, more productive workplace. Why? Because everyone on the team knows what is expected, team members work better together toward the overall goal. And when there’s good communication between employees and leaders, it builds trust. It also makes the workplace a more enjoyable place to be.

Good communication can help leaders

  • Anticipate problems
  • Make better decisions
  • Coordinate workflow
  • Supervise others
  • Develop trust and build stronger relationships
  • Create a clear vision
  • Energize employees
  • Increase employee performance and productivity

Challenges Team Leaders Face

Is your organization suffering from poor communication skills? Here are some common reasons why:

  • Impersonal communication
  • Communication lacks direction
  • It’s not interactive
  • Poorly timed communication
  • Communication is hard to understand

With hybrid and remote working schedules being the new norm, effective communication in today’s workplace is more challenging.

Fortunately, there are some simple yet effective ways to improve communication, such as:

  • Make more time for recurring one-on-one meetings. It’s good to have an “open door” policy with your team because some team members tend to find it easier to communicate in a private setting. Create a safe space for employees to discuss and set short-term goals and express any concerns that they may have on the job. One-on-one meetings are a great way to build trust.
  • Schedule regular work team meetings:Many workplaces start the week with morning meetings. Besides setting the agenda for the week, it can also be a time for employees to ask questions and voice their concerns regarding the team. If you plan to have an open forum for Q&A, it is probably best to do it at the end of the meeting. Of course, if your sessions are a bit slow and tedious, you can always spruce up morning meetings, too.
  • Keep communication constant.It’s important to find the time to communicate with remote and in-person teams. Keep the talks flowing, and remember to listen. Keeping the two-way street open doesn’t just help your employees be more productive. It can also get them motivated and engaged.
  • Constructive feedback. When employees aren’t meeting expectations, it’s important to relay feedback but keep it constructive. Poorly communicated feedback can often lead to hostility; employees may feel like they’re being attacked. You can deliver constructive feedback more effectively by keeping the judgments to yourself. Instead, base your feedback on facts and observations. You’ll also want to give team members a chance to respond to the input.
  • Appreciate the value of online messaging tools. Slack,, and other online messaging tools are extremely useful for communicating with remote and hybrid workers. Online communication tools make it easy to share files and messages, too. Plus, video calls can help give remote teams the visual connection they may be lacking from not being in the office.

Team Building Games Bring People Together!

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